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Sep 7, 2008 12:19 PM


In my ongoing search for great Craft Brews and Grub I'm thinking about making the long trek and was wondering what others have experienced here? CH search wasn't helpful.

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  1. OK beer list , maybe smaller than a few others. Haven't eaten there, but the menu looked OK, not spectacular, but OK.

    If you go that far, I'd rather send you to Boneyard in the Valley, the Newly done Max in the Valley, Rustic Canyon has an OK list, I revisited bottle Rock in Culver City recently, and was pleasantly surprised.

    But there are some fine beers at JJ Brewsky's. One the way up, stop at wade's Wines and peruse their craft beer selection

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      The menu at JJ BREWSKY'S looks pretty good to me but I was wondering how it tastes, quality of ingredients and preparation etc. Their currently posted tap list has some good choices but nothing too special, at least to my taste. Hopefully it's changed in the last week.
      Boneyard is already planned for this Thursdays Beer Flights, apps and maybe the Patty Melt that was suggested by Carter in the Boneyard thread earlier today. Max and Rustic Cyn. are on my 'to try' list but I haven't been before. When I checked out Bottle Rock a while back the focus seemed to be on wine not beer. Did I get the wrong perception or has their focus broadened?
      Wade's Wines is on my list too, saw them mentioned on BA but no reviews. Also planning on checking out Home Beer, Wine, And Cheesemaking Shop in Woodland Hills. Thanks again.

    2. Brewsky's food is OK -- not terrific, not bad, but solid, tasty, and in pretty good-sized portions. My suggestion: go to their website and keep an eye out for one of their "beer dinners" -- which they used to do pretty much once a month, but now seems more sporadic. The cost is around $50, the food is done by a chef they bring in (somebody different each time), and he/she matches the courses to a variety beers provided by a brewery, with somebody from the brewery there to talk about the beers. I went a while ago to a beer dinner in which the beers were provided by Stone, down in San Diego County, and DAMN it was terrific. The only downside is that the place is pretty noisy, but hey, it's a beer place, yannow?

      1. I frequent JJs and have to say there is no better place in the area to grab a good microbrew. It is a full bar also for those not into beers. They rotate their selection often which is nice and even has cask conditioned ales sometimes. The food is pub food, but must say they have pretty nice sweet potato fries which goes well with a nicely hopped IPA. Sure, there are other places around and nicer venues but if you are going for beer, this is the place in the Ventura area. If you want to drive a little further down, Anacapa Brewing is the place for micros. They have a really tasty pulled pork sandwich and the beers are quite good. Wade's is a good place that only recently started carrying beer and has beer tastings it seems every other Thursday's. BevMo is just as good for craft brews, that is one thing they do well. The beer, wine and cheese shop in WH is for homebrewers, home cheesemakers, and winemakers. They do not serve anything there however the Maltose Falcons (home brew club based in the valley) meet there for tastings. I was just at F.O. this weekend in Culver and that place never disappoints.

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          Falcons meet there for more than tastings! We have full fledged club meetings and brewing sessions on the 30 gallon system (and since it takes beer to make beer, there are plenty of bottles opened during a brewing day!)