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Sep 7, 2008 12:11 PM

Menaggio and around? (Lake Como dining)

I will be based in Menaggio for four nights later this month. Looking for great food with emphasis on regional specialties. (Missoltini, etc)

Does anyone have any ideas? Isola de Comacina? (very touristy? more for show than food?)

What about Crotto da Gusto outside Menaggio?

Many thanks!

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  1. Can you get to Tremezzo (I think it's one town over)? We particularly liked Al Valuu, which is up at the top of the town with a tremendous view and great food. We also ate at La Darsena which is right on the lake. Both restaurants had great local fish dishes.

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      Thanks! I could get to Tremezzo with our rental car, I believe, so will keep those in mind. Hoping also to learn of some good chow in Menaggio itself..

      The Locanda on the Isola de Comacina has received an excellent report here, so will probably keep it on my list. BUT: It can be reached only by boat; price is 60 Euro per person cash only for a set meal....

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        You can also take the ferry from Menaggio to Tremezzo and even have lunch at La Darsena (I don't think Al Valuu does lunch). It's a beautiful view and the people there are very very friendly. It's not too touristy - we saw some of the staff from our hotel, The Grand Tremezzo, eating there, and they were not the ones who recommend the restaurant to us.

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          That is excellent!! Many thanks! One problem appears to be that the ferries do not run nearly as often at eating dinner and returning by ferry directly to Menaggio is not an option on weekdays.

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            I know. It was a problem for us too. That's why I suggested lunch at La Darsena. Nearby is the Villa Carlotta, which has really beautiful gardens. You could walk off a huge lunch there. Enjoy!

    2. Hey Erica,
      I am going to be spending two nights in Menaggio next month and wondered how your experience turned out from last year???

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        Hi! We had one dinner in Menaggio, at a popular place called Vecchio Menaggio (or something similar; I do not have my notes at hand). I would not recommend. Their pizzas were not very good and much of the fish and meats were asterisked as frozen.

        I believe I wrote a report about my stay in the area in 9/08; see if you can find it here.

        In brief, the best eating was not in Menaggio, which is a lovely town but seems to lack great eating. There are several excellent spots near Tremezzo, on the same, western side, of Lake Como. A car would be almost essential to reach these, however.

        We also liked Silvio in Bellagio very much; they will pick you up in the town center if you phone ahead, as the restaurant (SlowFood) is about a 20 minute walk from town/ferry docks; they also rent rooms. This is a good place to try missoltini and other lake-based dishes.

        There are a number of intresting looking places outside Bellagio--again, I did not visit these and do not have my notes at hand.

        In Lenno, the SlowFood pick is good--please try to find my report as I do not recall the exact name...something on the order of Santo Stefano. The lake fish, both here and at Silvio, was a standout.

        If you want further details let me know and I will do my best--let us know if you will have a car or not. For a good taste of the area, try to seek out places offering both lake-based fare and the cuisine of the mountains; the latter will be away from the lake and may be difficult to reach without a car.

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          Here is a link to a couple of reviews that I wrote after my trip in 2008:

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            Thanks so much, Erica. I will see if I can try Santo Stefano and Silvio.


          2. re: poeticchampion

            The gelato place in the middle of Menaggio, called Pane e Cioccolato, is to die for. Some of the best gelato we had anywhere in Italy.