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Sep 7, 2008 10:59 AM

Kosher in Rome

Going next week and am looking for recommendations as to the best kosher takeout place (for Shabbat meals).

Also, what is your favorite kosher restaurants?

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  1. There was a sit-down milchig restaurant that my wife and I enjoyed very much called Yotvata. The fleishig places weren't as exciting; the very nice one, which I believe is called The Ghetto or at least has "ghetto" in the name, was good but not as good as it was expensive.

    1. we just spent a week there as well, in the end of August. I think more restaurants will be open at pretty much any other time of the year. We had delicious meals on Shabbat at Yotvata, but liked dairy place called Nonna Betta better. There are two meat restaurants that were open in that same area, and both were good. There is also "fast kosher," which is a take out place for hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and the like.

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        Did you take out from Yotvata or eat in on Shabbat? What were the names of the meat restaurants in the same area?

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          We ate in at Yotvata; we went by on Thursday night and paid beforehand. I don't know that they are always open on Shabbat.
          I can't remember the names of the meat places; I'll try to get them from my husband and get back to you. They are literally on the same block as Nonna Betta -- if you go there, you can't miss them.

      2. Update for anyone who might be going to Rome in the future. All the food was good but none truly excellent. We ate at:

        Be'Tavon - in the Ghetto - a sandwich place that also has pasta and individual pizzas - ate there 3 times for lunch. It feels very authentic and in addition to familiar foods has offerings unusual for US palates - e.g. fresh mozzarella and anchovy sandwiches (the anchovies are not salty and taste like sardines!).

        Ba Ghetto - an Israeli/Roman place in the Ghetto. Roman food (pastas and fried artichokes) are better than the skewers of grilled meat. Liked the carbonara (no bacon of course, they used a dried roast beef) and butticini (a thick spaghetti). The sliced salami antipasta was great. Different selection of meats than that available in the US.

        La Taverna Del Ghetto - Roman food - in the Ghetto. This is the place that even nonJewish guidebooks recommend. Food was good. Some have complained about service issues but we had no problems in Sept 2008. Excellent fried fish and nice stuffed zucchini flowers (I gather fish and mozzarella are traditional but as this is a meat place they omitted the cheese). The lamb was also fine.

        Nonna Betta - dairy Roman food in the Ghetto. None of the food rose to the level of great but it was all interesting. For example we had a course of baked spinach and non-salty anchovies and assorted pastas. Pastas were the weakest I had in town (not bad here, just mediocre). However the "grandmother's cake" (cake with pine nuts, cream, and a hard sweet crust) was the best I had (and I had it in 2 other places).

        Babani Catering - this is a woman who makes food out of her home. We ordered for Shabbat and she delivered to our hotel. She has a hecsher from the local Chabad. Food was good overall (baked chicken, meatballs with couscous, salads, desserts)with a fish course with spicy veggies being truly excellent. I'm thinking of calling Italy for the recipe...

        Wine - overall the kosher selection from the restaurants was poor. I'd suggest you bring your own to the restaurants if possible.

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            shalom, I'm Umberto, the owner of Nonna Betta-Cucina Kosher. many thanks for your review. but. I was surprised of your comment on our pastas and no words about our fried vegetables and fish. we have always had good annotations about our restaurant (see anyway I think that critique is always constructive - especially in this work - and it stimulate us to try always to make it better. ciao e grazie.