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Sep 7, 2008 10:21 AM

St. Augustine luncheons

Looking for good food/atmosphere for a bride's luncheon in St. Augustine in April. I'm from way out of town, giving the luncheon, and need solid recommendations . Thank you.

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  1. The Colombia is fantastic, and they have a little outdoor courtyard that might be nice for the group, depending on how many there are. It is right at crossroads of the most touristy part of St Aug, though, so that may be a turn- off.

    1. As a chef having lived in St Augustine for several years, I'd agree with The Columbia. Weather permitting, the courtyard is gorgeous and the sangria is great. The balcony at A1A Ale Works also offers great views and acceptable food. The food at Gypsy Cab Co. is great and there's a nice back room. If you're going casual and it's nice out, there's outdoor atmosphere at Conch House as well as Cap's in Vilano and Saltwater Cowboy's out in the sticks but worth the ride if you're looking for that "cracker" kind of vibe.

        1. One the best places that I love is The Tasting Room in St. Augustine. They have a private room in the back and the food is a wonderful tapas menu. Also you may want to check out Old City House B & B. They have a courtyard as well and have a lovely dining room. The food is delish too. The Casa Monica hotel is gorgeous and would also be a lovely spot for lunch. Collage is also a terrific restaurant and they are now open for lunch.