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Sep 7, 2008 10:03 AM

Roast Beef, like mom used to make?

When I was a kid, my mom used to make Roast Beef for Sunday dinner about once a month. This was not a prime rib - it was a beef roast. My childhood memories tell me it was good. I am having the family over today and was thinking I would make a roast beef but I don't know what cut of meat to buy.

The beef of my youth was round and roast like. When I go to the store today - I don't seem to find anything that looks like what I remember.

Any suggestions for cuts to buy? I need to serve 7 people. Recipe suggestions appreciated too. My first thought was to coast in dijon mustard and put on a fresh herb breadbrumb mixture.



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  1. I remember a cut like that, and they referred to it at the time (here in northern ca) as a watermelon roast. I did a parsley/blackpepper with dijon. I eventully gave up in the cut, because it was tough, and before a time I was any good with a thermometer. So I started using filet mignon roasts - can you believe that!!! Anyway I've seen the cut and I always pass, next time I'l try to see what they call them now. Might be a rump roast?
    I hope you have a nice sharp knife, or even an electric one.

    And to cook it, slow at the beginning and high at the end- like 450 to 500 degrees. I'm not so sure I'd but bread crumbs in heat that high, not sure what would happen.
    The filet mignon, was the best roast I've ever done, and I served it with a great Bernaise Sauce. Of course these days, I don't use Filet Mignon Roasts!

    1. I am fairly sure that my mother used rump roast, which is close to your description. I use a sirloin tip, which is a fair approximation. I just follow the Joy of Cooking Recipe recipe, making a thickened gravy from the drippings, and serve with Yorkshire pudding.

      1. My mom always made a rolled shoulder roast. It was very juicy and tender. So easy to cook, even a 15 year old could do it. (me) She left me directions to put it up when I got home from school. I seasoned it with Lawry's, and put it in a 500 degree oven for about 15 minutes. Then added some water to the roasting pan and lowered the temperature to about 350 degrees. Now, many years later, I rub with fresh garlic first, then the Lawry's.

        1. My mother always made chuck roast, bone in. She would salt and pepper it, sear in on all sides, cover it, and then put in an oven @ 350. She cooked it 45 minutes to an hour a pound. About an hour and a half before it was done she threw in carrots, potatoes, and onions. It was fatty enough it would self baste.

          This is still my favorite roast, and I cook it the same way today. It just falls apart and it wonderful.

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            My family always did a top of the round roast beef. It was fairly inexpensive, but it was really flavorful. I am on the East Coast though, don't know about the West Coast.