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Sep 7, 2008 10:03 AM

Rolled up rice noodles in BKLN Chinatown

In the last city I lived in, I used to get these rolled up rice noodles (a rectangular sheet that had been rolled up) in the grocery stores in Chinatown. They were great because you could toss them into any soup or stir fry and they had a wonderful chewy texture. I haven't been able to find them in the grocery stores in BKLN's Chinatown yet, but maybe I've been looking in the wrong place. Where can I go to find a good variety of fresh Chinese noodles that I can use in cooking?


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  1. I've never seen those. The only thing that I know of are the rolled up bean thread noodles. Otherwise, try HongKong market on 61st St and 8th Avenue. They have a pretty good selection of food items. Let me know where you find it.

    1. you want the 'fun' for 'chow fun' yes? should be able to get them in any of the larger chinese markets, with the noodle and tofu fridge cases. usually just comes in a bag, pretty cheap as well. sorry I don't have specific names, but its a common item to carry. you might also find it near the soymilk section.

      1. If it is what i am thinking of, the folded up square is one big piece of noodle and you would cut it to the width of noodles you wanted?

        You may be looking in the wrong place. Have a look near the fresh chinese baked goods/breads (not in the fridge) section. The noodles are brought in daily. BUT they sell out many times from my experience at the mart on 86th st.

        1. There's a noodle shop on 8th Ave (can't remember the cross street, but it's in the 50s on the west side of the street) that just sells noodles. You should be able to get what you're looking for there.

          1. These are pretty easy to find. I've seen ladies selling them on the street out of cardboard boxes on Saturdays in Sunset Park 8th Ave shopping area. I've also seen them being sold in the same way at that veggie market under the Manhattan Bridge in Manhattan (East B'way). If you want to buy them not out of a cardboard box but from an actual store--there's a place on Grand (at Bowery I think) that has them, along with Fresh tofu, fried tofu squares, bean sprouts and some other great stuff.