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Sep 7, 2008 09:08 AM

Cafe 56 in San Diego

Has anyone eaten here? It's on Black Mountain Rd in the Vons shopping center. I had a really good breakfast there yesterday, but can't find a listing for them online or by calling information. Is it a new restaurant? I'm looking for a phone number.


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  1. They are the newest addition to a family of diner style restaurants that have different names All the location information is here:

    I haven't tried them yet, I am a little reluctant because I am noit a big diner fan.

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      In checking out the above link I noticed that the Lake Murray Cafe is one of the family of diners. It's always packed and serves a lot of food for not very much money. I've had breakfast there and it was, well, pretty awful. After that experience I've never considered another meal there. Once was enough, and not in a good way. Cafe 56 could be entirely different, but steer clear of the Lake Murray Cafe.

      1. re: DiningDiva

        Thanks for helping me dodge that one, DD. I was thinking Cafe 56 was similar/same ownership as Cafe 67, which does have good food (but not such great coffee) and the similar name. I have not met anyone who liked any of the Cafes in that home cooking chain...

    2. Hmmm...well, I was down visiting from LA, and needed a quick place for breakfast. I happened to see Cafe 56 as I was driving through the shopping center, so we gave it a try. The food was not earth-shattering by any means. However, for $9.99, my husband and I shared a breakfast of 2 eggs, a very large and tasty piece of ham, and a generous plate of french toast. I thought all of the food was tasty, and at a very reasonable price. Service was also fast and friendly, and we enjoyed the patio seating.

      1. I have been to Cafe 56 twice since my last post. Once during the soft opening and once after the grand opening, It was not too grand. The food is bland and came to the table cold. I had a dish with mashed potatoes that had luke warm gravy poured over cold lumpy spuds, bleah. If it were good diner food I would not be too excited anyway but it tastes like food from the dorm days.

        1. I have been to Cafe 56 three times, the last time over vigorous objection. The food is substandard at best. It is very greasy, even for diner food. Moreover, the grease tastes rancid. It seems like they use the fryer oil from the previous day to oil the griddle for burgers, tuna melts, etc. I would not recommend it. Unfortunately, there are few options in Rancho Penasquitos.

          1. I've been there a few times and really like it. The Friday night all-you-can-eat fish and chips are really good. All though they give you a salad and a dinner role with every dinner order which takes up a lot of tummy room, ( which is probably better for you). The second time I ordered it I said no salad and no bread and ate like a was great. The next day wasn't so pleasant...I was so full I though I had a Vegas buffet hangover. But anways it was good. Their steaks tend to be a little on the tuff side but good. Early bird specials are good.