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Butchers in CT/NY?

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I know this may belong under home cooking, but I am looking for local info, so..

Anyone know of a good old fashioned butcher in the Greenwich/Stamford CT or Port Chester NY area?

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  1. i used to go to brichetti's in bedford..but no more...i also can recommend a little bit of a trip..arthur ave bronx..pete's, and biancardi's butcher

    1. Scotts Corner Market in Pound Ridge is a wonderful market with great butchers and fish monger. Close to Stamford - just over stateline from New Canaan.



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        There are some good butchers but not very good meat. I buy my meat out of state and have it shipped.

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          Jfood seconds the butcher at Scotts corner market. They have the best beef and veal and will cut and trim to order.

        2. I'm not sure if it counts as old fashioned, but you might want to try Greenwich Prime Meats. There's a thread about it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/352287

          1. I like Crisfield's Meat Market in Rye, NY, or The Pork Store in Port Chester.

            1. It's central Westchester, but we have been very pleased with North End Quality meat in Eastchester. Rt 22 same block as Eastchester Fish

              1. It's great if you are near the NY border, but what about Eastern Fairfield? I am in Stratford, and am shocked, shocked, at the lack of real butchers or purveyors of high quality meat. I am from NYC, and everywhere I turn around there if I want to by prime, even aged prime beef, for $20+ a pound and worth it, I can do so. Anything around here besides WF and TJ and their lengthy lines. I love kielbasa too, don't get me wrong, but I want to cook my wife and mother a thick porterhouse or rib-eye, and Stop & Shop's "Angus" label just doesn't say "Christmas" to me! Sorry for the rant but Fairfield County is supposed to be wealthy, but outside of Greenwich, what?