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Sep 7, 2008 08:34 AM

Paris restaurant help for 1st-time poster please!

I need help finalizing my restaurant itinerary for our October trip. We are only there 4 nights, Friday through Tuesday. Here is my plan followed by my questions:

Friday night: We will be dealing with jet lag from our 10am arrival from Texas. I am not planning on making dinner reservations for this night. Does that make sense?

Saturday: Chez L'Ami Jean- No reservations yet, but calling Monday.

Sunday: Le Café de l’Homme (will it be too cold for terrace? too expensive?) or
Le Relais de L’entrecote or
La Fontaine de Mars

Monday: La Regalade- Is it okay to do both this restaurant and L' Ami Jean-Is there food style/taste too similar?

Am I leaving out an absolute 'must'?

Other restaurants to consider:
Restaurant du Palais-Royal
Le Pamphlet
Benoit (this would have to be lunch)
La Rotunde Montparnasse
Le Petit Troquet
Au Bon Acceuil

I have picked these restaurants based on my countless hours of research, but this is my first international vacation, so I would love advice and recommendations. We are staying in the St. Germain des Pres area and would like to stay under 50 euros per person.


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  1. If you have a little bit of money, try Senderens. Beautiful and great food. Probably a 120 euro-ish evening but feels very special. I would skip Cafe de l'Homme. Great view but everything else ordinary except the price which is expensive. Another possibility is Le Christine on the Rue Christine. Good food, decent prices and great neighbourhood.

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      I wouldn't worry about doing L' Ami Jean and La Regalade. Both are fabulous and though similar in style, there are more than enough choices at both to easily eat completely different meals at the 2 places and have amazingly fantastic food for the price as long as you're prepared for the elbow to elbow bustling bistro atmosphere they both have. I'd go for it.