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Breakfast / Lunch in Ann Arbor

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We will be traveling to meet friends coming from New Jersy to a wedding in Ann Arbor next weekend. We are planning to meet them for breakfast on Saturday. We will be staying at different hotels in the Ann Arbor area Friday night, and then meeting them the next morning. Can someone please recommend a place where we could meet, have breakfast and talk? Thanks.

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  1. I've had two recent mediocre breakfasts at the Broken Egg on N. Main, so I wouldn't go there. Also, last couple of trips to the Northside Grill on Broadway St. weren't all that great either. Plus, you might have a hard time seating a large-ish party there. That leaves Angelo's on Catherine St., which has been an Ann Arbor institution for at least 30 years. How big is your party?

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    1. A very pleasant place for breakfast (despite the name) in downtown Ann Arbor is Afternoon Delight, at Liberty and Fifth Ave. You can get cheaper food at any number of coney islands, but AD has terrific breakfast sandwiches, huge muffins, good coffee, and fancy breakfast dishes. All booths, comfortable for conversation. City parking lot 1/2 block south on Fifth, or you can get a meter at that hour (warning: barracuda-like enforcers; feed them). Opens at 8.


      1. Anyone visiting Ann Arbor from out of town should go to Zingerman's Deli or Roadhouse for breakfast. The deli has outside tent seating that's fun for a large group. The Roadhouse is an actual restaurant. It's an Ann Arbor institution! It is on the pricy side for the midwest, but if you from a major metropolitan area, you'll find the prices in line with what you're used to paying.

        I am not fond on Angelos - while it's true like the song says "the place really hops" and "their service is tops" their food is mediocre and isn't worth the extremely long wait and crowded conditions. Plus, parking's a challenge there. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone from out of town unless they had business at the hospital, and then I'd tell them to get there no later than 8 am if they wanted to get a seat.

        1. Cafe Habana on Wahington does an EXCELLENT breakfast with a variety of dishes, pastries and drinks. Highly recommended. I had eggs with chorizo garnished with vegetables in a tomatoey broth. the churros are good too.

          If you want some ambiance in which to converse, steer clear of Angelos, Afternoon Delight and the Northside, which will be very crowded. I hear Eve does an elegant brunch but that might only be Sundays.

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            I have to commend Charlesbois for courageously throwing Fleetwood Diner into contention for early morning breakfast rendezvous. While the inside can be smoky and a bit stuffy, the outdoor seating (climate willing) is perfect for a casual gathering...oh yes, and the food is phenomenal! stick with the hippie hash, you won't regret it

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              Oh it wasn't me, it was Mid Michigan Dining. I would only recommend Fleetwood to a select crowd and at select times. that being said, I can't get enough of their hippie hash. It is insanely good. And just an Ann Arbor institution, ya know?

          2. I'll probably take heat for this, but I would make a stop at the Fleetwood Diner. A classic east coast style diner in downtown Ann Arbor. Nowhere else in the country can you get Hippie Hash. It's a pretty small place...not sure if it would be good for conversation, but a unique experience none the less.


            1. I'm not sure I am putting this in the right place, but I wanted to thank all of you for your suggestions. My wife and I grew up in the Midwest, but we just moved back to Cincinnati from the Connecticut shorline. We spent 15 years in New England (a truly wonderful but expensive area) and we are starting to do some traveling in the midwest again.

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                I was just in Ann Arbor on Saturday for the first time and went to Zingerman's for lunch. It was fantastic! The deli is open from 7am so it could work for your breakfast. My daughter and I walked over from UMich -- its a ten o fifteen minute stroll. The deck outside is really nice too. Zingerman's got our approval. We'd go back in a second. The area around Zingerman's was interesting. There is a great farmer's market and some stores to explore down the street.

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                  I see no one has mentioned this yet, but if you go out to breakfast on a football saturday, be prepared to deal with massive crowds and unbelievable traffic. I think this weekend is away at Notre Dame and next weekend is a bye, so you might luck out.

                  And whereas I agree that the hippie hash at fleetwood is terrific, I would not encourage it if you are looking for a nice place to go. Fleetwood has its charms, but I believe they are best enjoyed at 2:00 a.m. after a stretch at the bar.

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                    Not to mention that fact that there's virtually no space and a haze of cigarette smoke.

                    I do agree with above posters suggesting Zingerman's. If it's a nice day, the tent could be a really pleasant place to sit.

                2. A FRAGEL! That's not to be missed. Fragel. Sid's Bagel Fragel at 1754 Plymouth Rd in Ann Arbor. Holy MOTHER OF GOD are those things delicious. A deep fried, cinnamon coated bagel. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's amazing.

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                    Yeah, they're great, but there's no seating there! They could have a picnic breakfast, I guess.

                  2. I can't believe no one mentioned Cafe Zola. My favorite by far. Hip setting, good coffee and Turkish breakfasts, amazing omelets. Fleetwood is cute, but it's just a diner.

                    1. Warning- things get crazy if there's a football game at home!

                      Cafe Zola has the most delicious best breakfasts in Ann Arbor-crepes, eggs etc.
                      their menu:

                      another idea if you have time, check out the Farmers market Sat morning.

                      there's a shopping & food complex by the market:

                      there are places to sit & get something nearby-

                      Zingerman's deli,

                      Cafe Verde,