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Sep 7, 2008 07:18 AM

One more pie post! Crumb crust pies

Okay, I know over the past few months about the only thing I've posted are questions about pies. The wedding will be in two weeks, and I am almost ready for the pie buffet. In the freezer at the moment are several unbaked fruit pies: wild blueberry, triple cherry, pear-cardamom crumble, and peach, and today I'm making apple. My mother is making two French silk chocolate pies. I have also made and frozen completed a key lime pie (graham cracker crust) and two peanut butter chocolate pies (from the Little Pie Company of the Big Apple book, with a chocolate crumb crust, a chocolate bottom layer, then a peanut butter mousse, finished with salted peanuts and a chocolate drizzle). I would like to add just one more pie of the latter sorts, something with a crumb crust that can be completed and frozen, so nothing more needs to be baked off. I was thinking there must be something of the sort made with coconut or pineapple, but I'm having no luck finding anything. Anybody?

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  1. Oh, I should probably mention that I don't really want anything that uses instant pudding or whipped topping - I just don't like how they taste.

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      How about a coconut custard pie in a graham cracker crust? There are some lovely recipes on the 'net that do not use instant pudding or whipped topping. When you thaw the pie, you could spread some crushed pineapple on top or place a serving piece filled with crushed pineapple and a serving spoon next to the pie for those who might like to add a topping. I hope this helps. Good luck with the wedding!