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Sep 6, 2008 11:02 PM

ISO San Diego awesome cake bakery

I'm in search of a bakery in the San Diego area (preferably North County but will go anywhere in county) that does cakes where you can give them a photo that scans into the fondant.


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  1. The item you are looking for is called an Edible Image. The bakery I work at stopped doing them because the printers kept messing up, and the colors rarely came out right. And we always put them on buttercream, not fondant. Just Fabulous or Crumbs of Paris may do the kind you're wanting.

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      Just Fabulous does do that kind of decoration, but Beryl's not located in the North County.

    2. I think 'Do it with Icing' cake decorating store on Claremont Mesa Blvd does it. You should give them a call the two ladies there are very helpful.

      1. The Grove Bakery in Lemon Grove an do what you are looking for.