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Sep 6, 2008 10:02 PM

Mendy's in Brooklyn

Mendy's with several branches in Manhattan, has opened in Brooklyn, on Coney Island Avenue, between Aves. J and K. It is at the old Essex on Coney location. The menu seems a lot more limited than Essex had.
As has already been written, the old Essex deli menu has been incorporated into the menu of Caraville on Avenue M in Brooklyn.

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  1. They were already in Brooklyn, with the Crown Heights branch

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    1. re: zsero

      Woops! Sorry, I had known about that, but forgot.

    2. It is more limited. And it's on a block with lots of other options. Mendy's in general is passable but not great. The Crown Heights branch does well because there's nothing else so conveniently located; if Esther's Deli or Empire Grill were closer they would get most of Mendy's custom. The new Ave J branch will have to do better than that.

      1. Was at a party there today and it was fantastic. Food was fresh and delicious and portions very generous. Presentation was nice and the service excellent. The restaurant has been recently renovated and is beautiful, modern and very clean.

        1. every time i step foot in the door i am greeted with such is outstanding, and the service is much better than essex on coney...that place was a dump, and poor service....i wouldnt eat anywhere else but mendy's...i highly recommend it...