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Sep 6, 2008 09:56 PM

Carlos and Gabby's in Brooklyn

I was in Brooklyn the other day, and saw a new storefront with a sign "Carlos and Gabby's" (sp?), on Coney Island Ave. between Aves. J and K. The place didn't appear to have opened yet.
I'm pretty sure that I remember reading here, that this is a Mexican restaurant in the Five Towns. Is it any good? What menu items would you recommend?


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  1. Yes, they are in Five Towns. Good stuff. The Cedarhurst might be the best sandwich ever. I hope the one in Brooklyn is just as good.

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      I wonder if they'll have a sandwich called the Cedarhurst in the Brooklyn location. Maybe they'll give it a name with a more local flavor.
      In any case, the two raves for this sandwich are making my mouth water already. Can you please describe the ingredients that make up the Cedarhurst sandwich?
      I don't think that the Flatbush branch has opened yet.

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        Now that C & G's is open in Brooklyn, I figured that I'd try again to find out what goes into a Cedarhurst sandwich. I'm not sure that I'm into Mexican food, but since the Cedarhurst has gotten such rave reviews I thought that maybe I would try that.

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          Their menu is online. Go to their listing on Shamash, and click on their website.

    2. I love C and G. at first i ordere djust the mexican things (Like nachos and burritos), but then I discovered the other stuff. the sandwiches, burgers, salads. yum. Different from the other restaurants.

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        The "Mexican food" is not real Mexican food (take it from someone from L. A.). The brightly-colored tortilla chips are especially horrible. I concur with the 3749th Snoogans in that the sandwiches are great; especially the one named "Cedarhurst" is mighty delicioso, in my opinion.

      2. Hey, ok so the brooklyn location did not open yet unfourtunatly. However, I have been to the cedarhurst location maaannnnnyyyy times bec. its prob one of my fav. resturants, like most people my fav sandwich is the cedarhurst, I also find "the god father" to be quite tasty. If you enjoy spicy food may i also suggest as a side dish their jalapeno poppers, they are amazing their not chicken its just jalapeno peppers fried in batter with some interesting stuff inside. The burgers also are great along with the stake platters they are also good and for "desert" NACHOOOOOOSSSS!!!!!!!!! ENJOY!! (some people may disagree with my taste, but this is just my personal opinion)

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            Are you saying that the Brooklyn location is opening on Monday? I haven't seen any ads anywhere and was very curious if it would be opening at all.

        1. Does anyone know anything about C&G opening in KGH?

          1. they are opening in brooklyn on monday march 2...telelphone 718 337 TACO...same menu as the 5 towns!

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              C&G opened on Monday, March 2. I ate there last night. It was fantastic.

              The ambiance is great (we ate upstairs). They took a lot of care with the decor, which to my mind already sets them apart from many other mid-priced Brooklyn restaurants. It's clean, with nice tables and chairs, and fun, lively wall paintings and decorations. They play Spanish music, which is also fun.

              We didn't sample a lot, but what we ate was delicious. I had the brisket sandwich with carmelized onions on a hoagie. It was really, really yummy and quite large. At $14, it is a bit much for a sandwich, but the quality of the meat was very good and the flavor was excellent. Highly recommended.

              However, my husband had the grilled chicken fajita platter, which was outstanding. It comes with guacamole (smooth, not chunky), pico de gallo, black bean dip, rice with black beans, and, of course, the actual chicken with peppers and onions. It was totally delicious. It was also about $14.

              The service was great, especially considering we were there on the third day it was open. You order at the front, which is confusing. In the grand old tradition of kosher/Israeli restaurants, no one knows how to form a line, so we had no idea where to stand, whether people had ordered, etc. Once we cleared that hurdle, we were told by the very friendly cashier to go have a seat. The waitress brought us our food very quickly. Tables are cleared very quickly after people leave.

              Overall, I would highly recommend Carlos & Gabby's as a great new option in Brooklyn. I never ate by the restaurant in Cedarhurst but I can tell you that iy"h I will be going back to C&G's in Brooklyn frequently!

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                I stopped by Carlos And Gabby's Of Brooklyn last Thursday night. What an amazing place this is! C&G isn't just your run-of-the-mill Kosher Mexican grill. It's one of the first, and most entertaining Kosher theme-restaurants in the NY area! And the food is fantastic!

                When I arrived at 8pm, the place was hopping. You had high-school kids, college kids, Yeshiva boys and many young couples out on date night. The line to the counter was long, but it moved along quickly. And the staff were handing out bags of nacho chips to customers while they waited. A nice touch!

                I ordered a Southwest Eggroll and a "Wrangler" Burger. The food was ready within minutes. And oh, how I enjoyed it! Good quality meat, topped with huge onion rings (onion bracelets, really!) and grilled pastrami on a fresh bakery bun. Mmmm! It was devoured in minutes, which then enabled me to fully take in the scenery.

                The walls at C&G Brooklyn are adorned with Mexican themed murals. You've got Mexican musicians, vases, sombreros and scenery. It's the perfect visual feast to compliment the delicious food. Plus, the continuous Mexican soundtrack provides the right note to tie together the whole dining experience.

                If you go on a day/night when it's busy, you've got to check out the party room upstairs. It's a bit quieter, but still decorative and relaxing. And probably perfect for events like Sheva Brochot, or birthday parties.

                Best of all, the prices at C & G are extremely reasonable... especially based on the portion size they feed you. And the menu is so extensive, you can go back time and again without tiring of the novelty.

                Highly recommended!

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                  Oh, and I should add that C&G Brooklyn now has a website, which is also great fun.