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Sep 6, 2008 09:03 PM

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives?

Does anyone know a bar/restaurant that serves blue cheese stuffed olives? It's my best friends birthday in a few weeks, and she has been talking about them for months!

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  1. easy enough to make. We used to get the ones (olives) from Trader Joe's that were stuffed with pickled garlic, pull the garlic and stuff with blue cheese and a small sliver of the garlic. Better than any I've bought 1

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    1. re: dockhl

      I just had a well mannered dirty martini at cheesecake factory with blue cheese stuffed olives, YUMMY!! The best way to eat these puppies!

    2. Not a bar/restaurant, but the Central Market olive bins has delicious blue cheese stuffed olives. You could get her some dressed up in a glass olive container.

      Walk to the very back of the far right aisle, grabbing a clear plastic container on the way. In the olive section, bin # 80 I believe ;-).

      1. In addition to Central Market, Hole Foods(*) also carries them.
        (* Yes, I know)

        Personally, I don't think cheese beloings in olives. Give me a El Faro brand anchovy-stuffed spanish olive and I'm content. Quart-sized cans available at Spec's, but they do come in two smaller sizes for the uninitiated. There's a reason these come in such large quantities...


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        1. re: sqwertz

          sqwertz - I'm intrigued. I haven't had a decent olive since I left Spain. Have you been to Spain? If so, are these El Faro olives as good? I'll take nearly as good.

          1. re: Helind

            Jasper's in the domain, serves them with a couple of their martinis. YUM!

            1. re: Helind

              They come from Spain is all I know.

              Like NY pizza and Philly Cheesesteaks, I think you have to eat olives in Spain to have olives as good as the ones in Spain, even if they're already imported from Spain ;-)

              1. re: Helind

                I havent had these olives you speak of but Fino has the most delicious fried anchovy olives. I havent had them in a long time, but i know i could go to Fino just to order a few plates of them.

                1. re: sarahp

                  Those are addicting and half priced at HH

              2. re: sqwertz

                sqwertz, I'm with you on this one. Blue cheese stuffed ones sound okay to me but the El Faro anchovy stuffed are AWESOME.

                1. re: Kaya_n_Austin

                  Turns out they're much cheaper at the Enoteco Vespaio deli counter than they are at Specs. $1 less than Specs on the 15 *and* 4 ounce cans ($1.50 for the 4oz can at Vespaio, $2.41 at Specs).

                  I just picked up a quart can from Specs, though.

                2. re: sqwertz

                  sqwertz, it took me awhile; but I finally purchased a can of El Faro olives. They're great! Not quite Spain but close enough. Thanks for the suggestion.

                3. Try Eddie V's. If they are busy they don't like to but they have some of the best martini's with blue cheese stuffed olives. Try it with Vodka or Hendrix Gin!

                  1. just saw feta stuffed olives at mandola's