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Sep 6, 2008 07:31 PM

Mexican Breakfast Dishes

I was in Mexico for six months and I've been back in Canada for two. Looking back, I was generally unimpressed with most of the food I ate in Mexico (I am a vegetarian and I was in Guadalajara). However, I have extremely fond memories of almost every breakfast I ate! At first, I always ordered scrambled eggs (which always came scrambled really firm, just the way I like them), refried beans and chilaquiles... and then I discovered it wasn't tacky to skip the eggs and just have the beans and chilaquiles! Praise the lord! And I had soooo many delicious fruit, yogurt and granola breakfasts (which, I suppose, aren't that unusual in Canada but certainly aren't among the "most popular" breakfast dishes at any restaurant I've been to). What are some other Mexican breakfast specialities?

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  1. Migas are vegetarian, and you could order huevos motulenos (a largely Yucatan dish), without the diced ham.
    It's definitely a meat -oriented diet and culture as the middle class emerges. A caution that use of lard is omnipresent, including in refries.

    1. Salsa de Chicharron from Oaxaca
      Molletes in Guadalajara
      Chilaquiles in all its incarnations and glories {must be with frijoles!}
      Huevos Oaxaquenos
      Huevos Tiraditos
      Huevos en Rabo de Metiza
      Weekend Breakfast Barbacoa de Borrego
      Tacos de Canasta
      & My favorite: MENUDO!
      Great Topic :^)

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        Yummy suggestions, KR, but she's vegetarian.
        I'm looking forward to breakfast tortas with lechon, chicharron, and habanero salsa real soon in PDC.
        KR, what happend to the thick, crispy, smoky, sabroso tocino we used to get in Mexico? It's mostly skinny flavorless processed crap now.

        1. re: Veggo

          Yikes - I didnt know that this list was limited to veg options.

          Not sure about the tocino but
          dont forget to eat some Panuchos and salbutes for me out there!

          1. re: kare_raisu

            All the bacon I buy comes from my butcher at the tianguis. He cuts it to the thickness I prefer, a little more than double what I see packaged at the supermarket. In fact, we just finished breakfast, which included the deliciously smokey thick bacon I bought from him on Wednesday.

            One Wednesday he used the slicer to cut the bacon to twice the usual thickness and then individually sliced the length of each piece with a knife the size of a saber to get it the thickness I wanted. And he still has all his fingers!


            1. re: cristina

              I'll have to sleuth out a good butcher for bacon this winter in PDC. I'm excouraged that it's out there somewhere.
              Cristina, your butcher who sliced the slices in half by hand should be doing Ginsu knife commercials at 3 AM on Telemundo!

        2. re: kare_raisu

          Can you give a little detail as to what all these dishes are?

        3. No, the list totally isn't limited to vegetarian options. But, do explain the dish!

          1. I like to get Huevos Divorciados - two fried eggs, one topped with red salsa and one with green. As an added bonus, they are often separated by a pile of chilaquiles.

            1. In Oaxaca, entomatados are my favorite. You can also get enfrijolades.