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Sep 6, 2008 06:43 PM

Horseradish Sauce sans sour cream?

Hi! I have some roast beef I'm getting ready to slap onto a bun and would love to spread some horseradish sauce on it. However, I have no sour cream and despite all of my Googling and searching on here, I cannot find a recipe with a substitute (simple). Could I leave out the s.c. and use mayo. and general ingredients? I'm afraid straight horseradish would have too much of a bite for my taste buds, but fear the sandwich will be lacking without some kind of hr sauce. Can anyone please help? In advance, thanks so much for any advice you pros could provide! I really appreciate it.

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  1. I've mixed it with mayo many times. I like things spicy, so I usually add a few drops of hot sauce, or Asian chili sauce. And, mayo, ketchup, and horseradish is a close approximation to Russian dressing, which goes fine with cold roast beef (go easy on the ketchup; you can always add more).

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      Thanks a lot, KevinB. You just taught me how to make Russian dressing, also! I appreciate your time and help!

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        Glad to help - remember, I said this was an "approximation" to Russian dressing. If you do an internet search, you'll find about 30 different recipe variations for it! When I'm making an all-out Reuben, I'll add some grated onion and chopped pimento - not a whole lot, but enough to give it a little texture.

        Can't afford to put in the caviar some recipes suggest, though!

    2. Do you have any ranch dressing in your fridge drawer?

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        almansa, I've been desperately trying to 'fix' the tech. problem I've been having; I noted I had 2 replies but I couldn't see them. I even tried to see if I could p.m. you. I finally posted the tech. problem on the general board (I'll probably be scolded and removed, haha) and reported my own post. I didn't want you or KevinB to think I was ignoring you, so, I really want to thank y'all both so much for your help.'re probably worn out. YES, I have some ranch, including some with peppercorn. Would love to read your suggestion; you may be thinking I could just use that w/the horseradish (?). Thanks so much again!!

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          No problem. I think the ranch with horseradish could be worth a shot.

      2. Traditional Russian style: mix w/ grated beets.

        1. (hope I'm posting this correctly). Thanks so very much to each of you for taking the time to give me your suggestions. I've learned some things here! Much gratitude.

          1. I used to buy it in the jar or bottled, and I didn't have any one day. My husband is the one who eats a lot of it, and he likes Miracle Whip (ugh) so I always have it on hand. So I mixed some MW with bottled Horseradish - it tastes (to us anyway) just like the stuff I used to buy! It doesn't have that funky MW taste if you put enough Horseradish.

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              jacquelyn, I happen to have the jar of hr AND some MW, lol. It's so funny to me to read your post because even though I live in the south, people in this area tend to despise it, also. It was never in our house growing up, but there's something about it that I just love...;-)
              Since I didn't dig into the sandwich last night, I just might try mixing the MW with the HR. (bet that makes you sick...;-).
              I had read somewhere that one can use cream cheese to mix with the hr instead of sour cream, but I can't find anything else. I feel like I'm making a huge issue out of a measley ole's not like I'm preparing dinner for a group of diplomats, but I've still received so much help from kind folks. Thanks so much for contributing and please know that I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you.

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                Actually, heyjude, I do like it because it doesn't taste like MW anymore! It's also great on veggie fritters.