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Sep 6, 2008 06:41 PM

Remember The Skewers in Harvard Square?

Does anyone remember this place? I loved it- and I haven't been able to find any place that comes close to it's baba ghanoush or shwarma. Does anyone know of a place that's just as good or maybe if they owners opened another place?

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  1. Yeah, dating myself, but remember it well (as least as well as possible through the chemically induced haze of the 80's ;-)

    Great basement dive, one of the first Middle Eastern specialty restaurants in the area - and some of the stuff that went on in the back booths late at night probably wouldn't pass the censorship of "The Chowhound Team". Great memories, but having said that, the food wasn't really exceptional, compared to what's around now.

    If you're looking for flavor memories, I'd suggest Sultan's Kitchen. If your'e looking to duplicate the experience, not sure if it exists any more. The more things change, the more things change.

    1. I do indeed remember it; it was a refuge in college for me, coming from Detroit. While I'm not sure I ever had the baba ghanoush there, I love the version at Massis Bakery on Mt. Auburn in Watertown.

      (I don't love Massis' hummous, but then, I didn't like Skewers' hummous either.)

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        1. Their rice pilaf and sauce was sooooo good......
          I really like Fordees in Watertown on Mt. Auburn Street. Although I'm not a huge flaffel fan (their specialty,) thankfully their shawrma and kebabs are fantastic. Their fatoush salad is fantastic too. I haven't tried their babaghanoush or hammos, but they have pita chips which are super addictive.

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            Want to know something funny? The rice pilaf you remember so fondly was a store-bought box called "Far East" and you can buy it at any grocery store to this day! I still buy it form time to time, just to remember the place.

          2. I loved this place. It was not the fanciest or the best middle eastern, but it was very, very tasty and the price for quantity could not be beat. The closest place now for experience, price point, and food quality is Cafe Jaffa.

            Cafe Jaffa
            48 Gloucester St
            Boston, MA 02115

            They have my favorite meal at Skewers, which was the Shwarma dinner for 2, with baba ghanoush, hummos, and falafel app and shwarma on rice w/ salad entree. This was a favorite nice date dinner of mine in my poor college kid days (ahhh memories).
            They do not have a website, so this is the best I can send you on a link for them.

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              I second Caffe Jaffa. Their falafel reminded me of the falafel I had in Israel (although I admit it's been a long time since I went to Israel and my memory could be hazy). I actually liked their falafel better than falafel king downtown.