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Best Pizza in Portland Is?

Coming to Portland and looking for some great pizza. Where should I go?

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  1. You should go to the search function for this discussion and you will find your answer: Apizza Scholls and Ken's. Has anyone tried the place on MLK which used to have barbecue, but now only does pizza? What about the food cart at College and 4th near the PSU campus? That's supposed to be good. Is it?

    1. Ken's Artisan Pizza is best in town. The debate you will see goes between Apizza and Ken's, but it's Ken's by a mile.

      Apizza goes with char that is sometimes overwhelming, pretty much burnt. The consistency at Ken's is why I recommend fit over Apizza for people giving a visit. Now when Apizza is not burnt the pizza is very much on par with Ken's. Both spaces are nice and pleasant places to enjoy a meal.

      1. It's a little old but there's an interesting round table discussion with Ken, Brian from Apizza Scholls and Cathy from Nostrana here.
        I love Apizza Scholls. They're my fave. Nostrana does some interesting pies that I've enjoyed like their zucchini pie and a sausage pie with white sauce. Both were really good. Let us know what you try and what your thoughts are.

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          What a great round table discussion. Very interesting, the details that each person shares and the nuances in the craft make for good reading. Thanks for the link!

        2. My vote goes to Nostrana, though it's splitting hairs. Ken's Artisan and Apizza Scholls are both very very good.

          1. in order:
            Apizza, Nostrana, Kens.

            the problems i see with Kens are that the toppings "lay" on the pizza where as the other two pies are much more harmonious. That and,there isnt nearly the flavor development in the crust as Apizza. also the crust at Kens just doesnt hold up well enough to keep the middle of the pizza from becoming soggy by your third slice.

            Nostrana does a much better job with their crust then Kens but they can suffer the disconnected toppings problem too. nevermind the service issues here that have been discussed at infinidum......

            Apizza does everything about as good as I have ever had. I would go out on a limb and say that the crust alone makes this pizza the best. I also appreciate that Brian wont let you ruin your pie!. best ceasar in town aswell.

            1. Personally, and being a New Yorker, I think Apizza Scholls blows anything else in town out of the water. Nostrana and Ken's are both very good for European style pizza, but for the pizza that we Americans count on, AS is a godsend to Portland.

              However, I ask again: Has anyone tried the place on MLK which used to have barbecue, but now only does pizza? What about the food cart at College and 4th near the PSU campus?

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                The guy with the cart from near PSU had a booth at the Rose Festival and his pie was fantastic. Best crust I've had.

              2. Apizza Scholls: http://www.apizzascholls.com/menu.htm

                great caesar salad, great pizza.

                1. Apizza Scholls is the only pie that I have dreams about. As for the food cart at 4th and College, Al Forna Feruzza - it is delightful! Still does not blow Apizza Scholls out of the water, but it has a very nice crispy crust, fresh toppings - I had the margherite, perfect ratio of sauce and cheese and fresh basil. They are opening a restaurant on NE Alberta this October. I need to go back to try the calzone!

                  1. BACON BIANCO at Apizza Scholls is the Best Pizza in Portland. This is your chance, don't blow it.....

                    1. i prefer the marg. w/ coppa! so damn good.

                      1. Apizza is way better then Ken's. Best pizza in town by a long shot.

                        1. I also would have to agree: Apizza Scholls