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Sep 6, 2008 05:58 PM

choices, choices, choices...

two girlfriends are visitng (one from from ottawa)...
not sure where to take them for a girls-nite-out next sat. nite:
here is what im thinking:
-beir market
-the new pizza joint everyone on chowhound is talking about
-something on college..

so many choices....any advice?

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  1. what's your price range? locations?
    food? sceney?
    just got back from nota bene.... definitely upscale scene & be seen....the food is fantastic, the cocktails are very very expensive.
    spice route...the food was awful but the place was really cool and fun...less pricey.

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    1. re: todc1996

      thanks todc1996 for your reply...
      we are looking for anything funky...any location.....mid-range price.
      Spice Route was also on my list for cocktails (only) as is the Drake...
      I have been reading the reviews about nota bene..but it looks too upscale
      for this occasion.
      Something tells me we are going to go to one place for drinks, another place for food, another place for drinks and perhaps another place for late nite snacks. LOL

    2. The reviews of Pizzeria Libretto are waaaay too split to risk a special girls night out on.

      1. Friends of mine just had a wonderful evening at Tomi-Kro. Comrade is also very close by for some post dinner cocktails.

        1. If you're going to do a crawl (always an excellent approach), you might start by choosing a neighbourhood...

          Queen West could offer the Drake, Reposado, Dakota, or the Social for drinking/(dancing?)... and also Nyood, Delux, Foxley's or Pizza Libretto (among others) for eats. Potential problem: lines and queues.

          If you went with King West you have the new Bier Market space for food (or Marben, Lee, Blowfish), also Spice Route for drinking... or 2 Cats, West.

          College has Sidecar for dinner (great cocktails), or perhaps Grace... and lots of drinking/dancing places for after dinner (Souz Dal, Revival, El Convento Rico, Sutra)... late night pizza.

          I'm less familiar with the east end, but if you wanted to stay in Tomi-Kro territory I'm sure others could help build a list (I'm eager to try Rasputin Vodka bar!).

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          1. re: Rabbit

            Nyood also has great cocktails. The nice thing about Nyood and the Drake (which also has good food in addition to great drinks) is that you can reserve a table (for dinner, can't reserve for drinks only unless you look into bottle service, afaik) in advance (enables you to avoid the lines) through

            I actually organized a girls' night out (and one of the girls was visiting from Ottawa) last week. We had an earlyish dinner at Nyood, then went to the Drake for drinks (we had no problem getting onto the patio around 9:30 on a Saturday, but by the time we left around midnight, there was a big line). We had a great night.

            Second the idea of Grace, if you want to be on College.

            1. re: phoenikia

              love all these ideas..especially the comment about the Drake. Great Tip!!

              Googs, you are also right about the mixed reviews regarding Pizza Libretto. I will wait a while to go there...

              Thanks again for all the suggestions..I'll let ya know next week what we ended up doing.


              1. re: domesticgodess

                I would also recommend ultra on queen, a few blocks east of spadina. It is beautiful/trendy inside, the food was good (we sat in the bar food section - and had oysters, frites, hummus, etc). They have a great patio if weather permits.
                Depends what kind of night you are looking for. Tomi kro are good if you want food/converstation.
                Drake and utlra are good if you are looking for somewhere that ends up atracting the loungers/clubbers out to dance and drink and have fun in that sense.
                With bier market I think it depends which one. I heard the one on king is alot smaller. A party also breaks out at the one on the esplanade.

            2. re: Rabbit

              i like rabbit's suggestions but will pick out my favourite progressions...

              delux for dinner -> reposado (tequila)/ossington bar (mixed drinks and beer)/foxley (wine)/nyood (wine) for drinks/dakota (beer)

              grace for dinner -> grace (wine)/sidecar (cocktails)/paeez(shisha smoke and cocktails)

              i haven't had a meal out on the east side recently that i really enjoyed (citizen is just portioning too small now) but the drink possibilites are quite wide open. would be curious about pic nic.

              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                well...we ended up at the drake for dinner in their lounge.
                It was "ok"..nothing amazing....I ordered a sashimi salad that was "ok".
                Other party members ordered: a hamburger, a salad, the ribs....again, everyone said it was "ok".
                Then we headed to the four seasons bar for more drinks.
                Everyone had a nice nice out..but clearly wont be going back to the drake for their food. Thanks again for everyones advice.

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