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Sep 6, 2008 05:14 PM

SF/Oakland Steak under $40?

I'm visiting from Chicago and looking for a decent steak under 40 bucks. Thanks!

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  1. sir, I don't usually go out for steak but I've had good ones at Luka's Tap Room in Oakland (rib eye incl. sides for $24) and Acme Chop House (the hangar and filet are in your price range, the bone-in 22 oz. rib eye is $48.) Why those places? They don't serve conventional feed-lot, drugged-up meats. cheers

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      1. re: doncorleone

        I would never suggest that someone from Chicago eat steak in San Francisco -- there are so many other things than San Francisco does better!

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Yeah, well you're right, but we overdosed on seafood at the Wharf this morning so...

      2. re: moto

        just got back from Luka's and the ribeye was pretty darn good. Thank you again.

      3. Too late but the ribeye for two at Globe in SF is great. $61.60.