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Sep 6, 2008 04:22 PM

Are there nice b-day cakes to send by mail?

Please help- looking for a place that can ship a nice b-day cake for my son who is away from home, thanks!

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  1. Where does your son live? Best would be to have something local/fresh delivered.

    1. i was going to suggest the same thing as Cathy - it's better to have it delivered from a nearby vendor than shipped a long distance. where is your son? if it's an area that has a dedicated Chowhound board you should post a request for local cake/bakery recommendations.

      1. I've had pretty good luck with

        I'm specifically into their red velvet

        1. Not your traditional fluffy cake with frosting but this tort is THE BEST cake that I have ever tasted. I friend sent it to me for my birthday and absolutely everyone raved about it.

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            If you have a Neiman Marcus, they can probably do it. Or maybe even from their website?

          2. Oh, i have had ups and downs over the years of doing this. We live on the West Coast and my unmarried fireman brother lives on the East Coast. So each year, even prior to internet, my mom and I would find somewhere to send a cake to him. We have had good times and bad. This year the cake was totally smashed, and the company refunded the money. My advice would be to definitely find a company who contracts with local bakeries, rather than mails the cake.