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Sep 6, 2008 02:51 PM

lunch? Dinner? Hidden treats??


Okay so I visit Montreal every year and have been to all of the usuals and the real treats such as Toque and the like. This time I around I am there for two days and want to EXPLORE...can anyone suggest some reall hidden treats? Some restaurants that are maybe a bit more casual BUT really good and tasy- places that one may not find on the 'Best of...' lists but all the locals frequent. Both lunch and dinner places would be wonderful


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  1. De Emma at 777 de la commune for Roman cuisine (Not your run of the mill Italian, her cooking is distinctly Roman). Bring a big appetite. Not inexpensive. Nice wine list.

    Chez L'epicier St. Paul Near Gosford. Nice place for lunch. Again, not inexpensive.

    Rotisserie Portugalia, Rachel near St. Urbain. No Decor, Excellent Portugese Grilled chicken. Cheap, Call ahead at least a half hour to reserve your chicken, or you are in for an hour wait. Closes early in the eve, (I believe 9:00)

    Alep or le Petit Alep on Jean Talon near Casgrain. Some mighty tasty middle eastern delicacies. The grilled dishes are excellent. Both have the same kitchen, Le Petit Alep serves individual plates where as Alep is more family style.

    Bin Lao Thia, Decarie near Cote Vertu Metro. Some very authentic Thai/Cambodian cuisine. No decor, cheap, and tasty. BYO

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      Ban Lao-Thai, no 'i' and never an 'i' before an 'a.' :-)

      930 Décarie (corner Édouard-Laurin), Ville Saint-Laurent, 514-747-4805

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        although I've not been there yet this summer, a rarely mentioned treat I would recommend is

        Les 2 singes de montarvie, 176 rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, hip and casual.

    2. here's my choices depending where you'll stay there's in the downtown area

      Wok cafe on st-catherine:
      1845, rue Ste-Catherine O corner St Marc west of Guy
      I loved their dim sum made fresh as you order. it's a typicall student hang out. In the area you'll notice a bunch of asian places.

      on the east side of the Mountain I would suggest

      La binerie Mont-Royal:
      367 avenue du Mont-Royal Est corner st-denis
      traditional quebecoise cuisine with their famous baked ebans

      Restaurant Lombardi:
      411 duluth est corner st-denis
      italian BYOW. I love their fetucci alfredo

      Chu Chai:
      4088, rue St-Denis
      vegeterian cuisine. The owner has an amazing touch to make vegeterian cuisine taste like meat and duck. An experience to have. The have a small take out place next to the restaurant.

      On the north side of the mountain in Cote des neiges area

      There's a very good greek restaurant called
      3543, avenue Van Horne corner cote ders neiges
      They have a very good souvlaki stick and a great tasting tsatziki

      all these place are very afffordable

      enjoy your stay

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        Thank you all!! I will take a look at the suggestions and map out accordingly. How exciting...many places that I have not tried- so I am excited.

        Merci mon amis!!

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          Also check out this thread: Montreal Locals, what do you consider the best hole in the wall resto?

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