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From NY and desparately searching for cheese curd!!!

My fiance and I recently moved here from Upsate NY and are having trouble finding plain ordinary cheese curd. I used to buy from a Mom and Pop meat market up home, and when we lived in KY we could find Hellavagood in the grocery. It was okay, but not quite the real thing. We now live in the Cocoa area, and can't even find that :-( !!
PLEASE help us!! I know that other fellow northerners must crave this as well, and if it is a secret deli somewhere, we promise not to take all of it if you let us in on your secret!!!
Thank you !!!

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  1. I'd also like to get my hands on some to recreate a proper poutine (being from Canada, I get homesick for that country's culinary contribution of the most unhealthy food ever conceived: curds and gravy over french fries).

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      I'm not sure about buying just cheese curd, but I know that Dairy Belle in Dania Beach makes poutine. They might be able to tell you where to buy cheese curd.

      Dairy Belle
      118 N Federal Hwy
      Dania, FL 33004
      (954) 920-3330

      Oh, and if you want "the most unhealthy food ever conceived," you should go to El Rey Del Chivito. At the very least, Google "chivito."

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        Best Cheese Curd in the world, and ship anywhere in the world...
        Cuba Cheese Shoppe
        Cuba, NY

      2. I've been searching, too. My husband's from Canada, and I fell in love with poutine on the visits we have made to his family. I found this place in Sarasota: http://greenleafcheese.com/

        The only drawback is that it costs a fortune to get fast shipping, and curds are only really good for a couple of days.

        1. I'm in Bradenton and my local Sweet Bay grocery sometimes carries it. Also, some stores will begin to stock an item if there is a special request- doesn't hurt to ask.

          1. Have you found any place that sells cheese curd in Florida yet? I have been here since 1984 and haven't found any, so far. I ended up Googling for NY Cheese curd and found a site GoldenageCheese.com that sells it pretty reasonable. The more you get, the cheaper the price per pound. It costs a bit to send, but it's worth it. And you can freeze it, so it doesn't spoil on you. There are other cites as well, but I found the price best at Golden age.

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              A&W fast food restaurants have lightly fried cheese curds. I've never had them, but they look and sound great: http://www.awrestaurants.com

              They have locations in Melbourne and Merritt Island, according to the website, but you may even find one closer, depending on your zip code. (I estimated 32922 for Cocoa.)

            2. Greenleaf Wisconsin (not New York) Cheese Shop
              4521 Tamiami Tr.
              Sarasota, FL 34231
              941) 923-9750

              Store Hours
              Tuesday - Friday
              10 am to 6pm
              10 am to 4:30pm

              They ship everywhere. They have LOTS of curd, as well aso other fabulous cheeses.

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                This store also sets up a booth at the Saturday morning farmer's market in downtown Sarasota.

                Whoops! I just realized this is an old thread. Oh well, the farmer's market information is accurate as is the information about Yoder's Market having the curds. I was at Yoder's yesterday and I spotted them in the dairy case at the back of the store.

              2. You can also try the Cheese Shop on Park in Winter Park (near Orlando): http://www.thecheeseshoponpark.com/

                If they don't have cheese curds, they will know how you can get them.

                1. I actually found a cheese store in Sarasota called "Greenleaf Wisconsin Cheese." It may be a bit of a drive but the cheese is pretty good. They have cheese curd from flavored to plain, and small to large bags for decent prices.

                  4569 U.S. 41, Sarasota, Florida
                  Greenleaf Wisconsin Cheese

                  Its in the plaza. Its about an hour and a bit to get there from Tampa, but its worth the drive!

                  I know what its like to crave the cheese, from Canada too and I used to have this dairy place nearby that I could go to and get real fresh cheese curd when i was younger. Its SOOOOOOO good! Please enjoy it if you can!

                  1. If you come to Sarasota there's a Wisconsin Cheese Store on 41 that has a sign out front, at least once a week, advertising it.
                    Sorry to repeat, just saw the other two replies.

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                      I asked Karl Nelson, the owner of Greenleaf Wisconsin Cheese, if he shipped cheese curd and he told me he does. His e-mail address is greenleafcheese@hotmail.com His website is greenleafcheese.com

                    2. I was in Mazzarro Italian Market in St. Pete today and saw cheddar cheese curds for $6.99/box in the cheese room. There was only one left, so you may want to call their cheese department first.

                      Mazzaro Coffee & Italian Market
                      2909 22nd Ave N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33713

                      1. Publix carries cheese curd

                        1. was at yoders produce market in sarasota last week. it's on bahia vista and beneva next to their restaurant. they have 4 kinds of cheese curds.

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                            I am from MN and now live in FL, and was just DYING for some deep fried cheese curds. I cannot seem to find them anywhere here, so I ordered them online at wisconsinfriedcheesecurds.com, which was the cheapest online store I could find with WI cheese curds. They came with ice packs and are delicious! I ordered some batter mix from them as well, and they taste just like the cheese curds at the Minnesota State Fair! I am so happy to be able to make them at home.

                          2. when I want things from other regions in the US of A I have friends from other states ship them in a large amount next day air in a Styrofoam box with dry ice.I hate hunting for stores and when you get there it out of business or they don't carry it anymore.. =(

                            1. I have been buying cheese curds at my local super Target. I have purchased them in south Florida and in central Florida.

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                                Just want to mention, they have a frozen "poutine package" at Trader Joe's. I guess you cook/heat everything separately but I haven't tried it.

                              2. For anyone still reading this thread, I found delicious, fresh, salty, squeaky Wisconsin cheese curds in Orlando on Saturday.

                                They sell them at Eat More Produce on 17-92 (Orlando Avenue) in Winter Park: