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Need delicious, reasonable bakery for wedding cake

I am getting married in about 5 weeks and looking for a local bakery that does delicious wedding cakes and is reasonably priced.  Nothing fancy, just creative and delicious! Live in Pasadena, but happy to go 10-20 miles for something wonderful.Thanks!  Steven

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  1. Check out Porto's in Glendale. They're on my sister's short list for her wedding cake.

    1. i second Portos. While I tasted better cakes i was able to get a 3 tier wedding cake for that serves 80 for around $380.00. They can do any designs so don't look at the website which only shows really outdated cakes. Most of the other places are much more expensive. You can also try Cakery bakery in La Canada. I think their prices were decent.

      1. Van's Bakery
        (626) 571-5845
        860 E Valley Blvd
        San Gabriel, CA 91776

        1. Porto's and Van's are both very high on QPR... So is King's Hawaiian Bakery on Sepulveda in Torrance.

          1. One more place i forgot to mention...Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown. I love their sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries. I know their prices are very good and people recommend them for inexpensive yet delicious wedding cakes.

            1. Viktor Benes inside Gelson's. Dang good cakes, I like the decorators at Sherman oaks and Encino, they are really talented. No Ho less so. Flavor is amazing. Not sure about the other locations, but if it is a Viktor Benes, it's gonna be good!
              Take a look inside the Pasadena Gelson's

              1. Please go to Susina . So delicious, so friendly, so well priced. They'll make a ten foot tall wedding cake if you like, or even a couple of regular ones (for way less). And their cakes are really good. They did my wedding to great success.

                1. You could also try Helena Wirth, Layers-a Cake Studio, and Leda's Bake shop (a little more $$, but yummy and pretty!)

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                    Congratulations! When you say you are "happy to go 10-20 miles," do you mean to order the cake, or are you planning to pick it up and bring it to the reception site? If your cake is more than one tier, please have the baker deliver it. If the cake is just one tier or a sheet cake, maybe. I'd play it safe.

                    p.s. Diana,
                    Layers is gone. I live across the street and around early July I noticed the windows were covered. I called to find out what was going on--the outgoing message said the owner had retired! Last time I walked by, there was a little sign on the door saying something like closed for renovations. ?? Don't know why she didn't sell the business--Helena Wirth retired a while ago and apparently sold to the new owners. Helena Wirth had a very diverse design portfolio and excellent technique. Leda's designs tend to be very austere.

                    1. re: Kate is always hungry

                      Odd, the shop is still called Helena Wirth-getting by on name rec, I guess.

                      Too bad about Layers!

                      Sorry, I like Leda's clean, poppish look! They are doing our anniversary cupcakes. The best part is that with her cupcakes, I get to choose a selection of flavors. They did our First anniversary cake, which got raves for flavor and design. Who else but Ledette at Leda's could match a cake to a beer, tasting-wise?

                      Another option would Be My Cakes bakery on Kittridge in Van nuys. Location doesn't look like much, but the bakers can make a darn tasty cake.

                      Avoid Big Sugar or Puddin' out Cupcakes, unless you are a fan of dry, flavorless cakes and cupcakes!

                      Bea's Bakery in Woodland Hills or Tarzana is also a good option.
                      18450 Clark St.

                      1. re: Diana


                        I tend to agree with you on many, many places (e.g. Boneyard), but for the life of me I am woefully unimpressed by both Ledas and Beas ... especially Beas, though.

                        Everything I've had from Beas has been OK at best. And I'm really bummed I don't love Ledas because it is just right around the corner from me.

                        I guess this is why they say, "different strokes for different folks"!

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                          > I guess this is why they say, "different strokes for different folks"!


                  2. we're going with a traditional french wedding cake (croquembouche) from Maison Richard. it's 2 cream puffs per guest, 150 guests= $500 total, including delivery to downtown LA.