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Corkage Fee - Max in Sherman Oaks

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Anyone know how much the corkage fee is at Max Restaurant in Sherman Oaks? Just trying to figure out if it's worth bringing our own bottle for a dinner party there tonight...Thanks!

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  1. It was $12 in July.
    They have a nice list, but if yours is a very good selection, then go ahead and bring it, but do check their list ahead of time to make sure there is no conflict.

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      Here is the actual list, and down close to the bottom is the Shannon, which for $29 is really quite tasty, satisfies a middle of the road tastebud, and will go with many items on the menu.
      Also, if there is any Stags Leap Petite Sirah left, at $58, it is a really good bottle as well.

      1. fwiw, when i was there about 6 months ago they served a number of very reasonably priced good wines. depending on how much they charge for corkage, you may actually do better by ordering a bottle from their list.

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