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Sep 6, 2008 01:42 PM

Need help making "crispy" hot pepper pickles

I have researched this board for advice about making hot pepper pickles and after many pages there didn't seem to be discussion on my topic. I apologize if this is a repeat question.

I have been pickling for years....dills, bread and butter and have no problem with the pickles not being crispy. but, all the recipes I have tried for pickled hot peppers have produced peppers that are not crispy.

Is there anything you do to keep them crispy or something I should not be doing? I need help as everyone in my family loves hot peppers! Thank-you.

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  1. Pepperonchini are a favorite around here but I've never canned a thing in my life. I went hunting for you. Check this out:
    It's the heat killing them, they talk about vacuum sealing and pickle crisp.
    Good luck!!

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    1. re: Boccone Dolce

      Thank-you for your help. Unfortunately, pickle crisp was discontinued in 2007.

    2. i postedd this over a year ago - it is foolproof . GL

      "well trust me here - my ma always did this - my whole family (Italians) do it - it works - even tho u will be sceptical.

      Just wash them - or any hot pepper - the process is the same - cut the stems down to nubs so they dont injure themselves in the jar - pack them as tight as u can in a glass jar - hopefully 1 with a rubber ring around the lid. (not a peanut butter jar). Use a jar that was previously used for pickles - or olives , etc. when the peppers r all packed , add (per quart) 1 tsp of salt and sugar both, fill the jar 1/2 way with 5% vinegar, top off with as much water as u can get in. Then screw the top on.

      Use perfect peppers and they will keep for a yr OUTSIDE OF THE FRIDGE and stay crispy also. Turn the jars upside down a few times to dissolve the sugar and salt - - eat after 2 weeks.

      u wont believe how good they r - no processing ever needed with hot peppers - as long as its 50% vinegar - but dont add too much vinegar - 50 % is perfect"

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      1. re: dibob817

        I would add: don't use iodized table salt, use Kosher or sea salt - reg. is way too prominent.

        consider adding a source of tannin for crunchiness, oak (leaf or acorn - not much) or a cork or even bay leaf will help. a great-grandmother used wild grape leaves.

        1. re: hill food

          yeah, my bad for not saying "non-idiozed" salt- Ma never added anything else - and the peppers stay crunchy for a year - but I'm sure a "lil extra" couldnt hurt.

          1. re: hill food

            Grape leaves are well-known for helping to keep pickles crunchy.

          2. re: dibob817

            Hey, this is an old post but I wonder if you are still around to answer a few questions, and also if you have any updated tips. I am looking for nice hot pepper pickle recipe, and this one very simple and in the line of what I was looking for. One question, do you make any holes on the chilli pepper so that the vinegar get inside, or not necessary?

            1. re: mescalito

              I've pickled peppers using a method similar to this, and no, I don't pierce them.