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Sep 6, 2008 01:39 PM

Bellingham - Asian Grocery

I just moved here, other than two Orientaal grocery stores at Maridien, is there any bigger Asian grocery store within 20 mins drive where I can get more choices for vegetables and other asian grocery?

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  1. Haggen's (which for some idiotic reason everyone there pronounces it "Hagen's") has a limited selection of asian vegetables and groceries. But be prepared to pay something like $6/lb for bok choy.

    Trader Joe's may have also a limited selection of certain items.

    Farmer's Market might also be a good bet (again - only for certain limited items), although I haven't been in a long time. Other than that, I'm afraid the closest decent place is 1 hour away in Paldo World or Boohan in Lynnwood (as it is very difficult to get groceries across the border from Vancouver).

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      Thanks to Weilo.

      Yes, the Asian grocery store at Meridien St has limited choices for vege and pricy too. Given no choices, I will have to shop there, one hour away is too much for a grocery.

      1. re: lingsim

        Hey Lingsim, what's the name of the Asian grocery you shop at Meridien St.? Thanks!

    2. There is also the West Coast Grocer, they are moving to Merian but are now in the shopping center with Cost Cutter on Meridian. They have the largest selection of fresh produce of any of the Asian Markets in town.
      Michael E -

      1. The best one I know of is the one next to Les Shwaab on the Guide Meridian,, They seem to have a pretty good selection there too.