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Sep 6, 2008 01:29 PM

[MSP] - Cheeky Monkey?

Hi Chowhounds,

I'm a long-time lurker and first-time poster (talk-radio cliche, I know). I was just walking to Great Harvest and noticed the old Zander Cafe space is plastered with posters for the "Cheeky Monkey Deli." I think their poster plugged "local, sustainable" - eat-in or take-out. Does anyone know anything else about this? It's hard to find a good sandwich in the surrounding neighborhood, so I'm hoping this will change that!

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  1. It might be from the Parasole folks, according to a comment on Zimmern's blog.

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    1. re: jaycooke

      I saw that, too but the Parasole website does not mention it.

    2. Please let us know if you see more as you pass by. I agree that a good sandwich/takeout place would be a great addition.

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      1. re: Uisge

        I'm the intrigued Cathedral Hill resident who wrote that comment on Zimmern's blog. The next time I went to Solo Vino, I asked if the Parasole folks are behind the deli, and I was told no. It seems truly independent, and slated to open in October! I'm very eager to see how it turns out.

        1. re: carrieobry

          And I'm the guy who posted the Parasole possibility. I read it originally on the Pioneer Press blog, and confirmed it via e-mail with Nancy Ngo again before posting here, that Phil Roberts had indeed looked at the space with a deli in mind. That's why I posted it. The other rumor that was out there for awhile was the the owner of La Grolla wanted to open a Martini Bar in there.

          I have heard that it is going to be similar to a D'Amico and Sons. I wish it a lot of luck since A, there is a D'Amico and Sons less than a mile away, and B, there are about 10 other restaurants within a mile where you can get a sandwich including a Jimmy Johns, and C, I question the ability of a deli to compete during the dinner hour in this market. I could be wrong, but this place has its work cut out in a big way. I wish them the best.

          The rumor is that it will open sometime during October.

          1. re: Db Cooper

            What I heard in talking to the Solo Vino people is that it will have more than just salads/sandwiches but good quality entrees that can be done as take out or eat in, and they'll have a open relationship with Solo Vino so you can bring wine over easily, etc. As a resident of the neighborhood, I am very hopeful and excited!

            1. re: dahlsk

              The keys to this place will be:

              1. Does it look and feel like a success? It will have to look beautiful to be vaulted into the "it" category.

              2. Does the kitchen have the mojo factor to stay focused on a few solid dishes, or will they try to go broad and become bland?

              3. Will they be able to thread the needle when it comes to charging the right price for the local provenance? It's tricky but possible as proven by Lucia's Bakery.

              I am hopeful that the answers will all be "yes." D'amico and Sons is easy to beat on food sourcing and food quality, but not without a really solid service concept. I've seen a few high end delis do a face plant when the complexity of offering polite and efficient service is not given enough consideration. Locating next to Solo Vino should mean some fantastic synergy. Go Cheeky Monkey!!!!!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Just giving this a little bump up. Anyone know anything more about this place? According to these posts it was supposed to open in October, but we're into November (albeit barely) and as far as I know it's still not open. I'm curious to know when we might possibly see this place unveiled.

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            1. re: Seige

              I was at Solo Vino today and there was no sign of activity next door.

              1. re: Seige

                I live around the corner and have walked by pretty regularly for the past few months. Aside from the gorgeous new mural on the east (Solo Vino) side of the building, I haven't seen any sign of activity either. Maybe the economic downturn discouraged the new owners?