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Sep 6, 2008 01:23 PM

Pig Out Take Out in Glen Mills

Nice use of the space. DELICIOUS smell outside. Very good barbecue, though when I asked where the smoker was, they told me nothing was made on the premises, just reheated and served. Clean and pleasant; prices were a bit ambitious.

A bit off-putting: lots of bbq sauces on display near the cashier have really nasty politically-themed words and images. Conveniently at child height. I really didn't want to have to explain to my kid the B word next to a picture of Sen. Clinton. Don't think I'll be returning.

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  1. Try barbecue usa great smell great taste and no politics with your sauces! Sounds like they got a little too creative!

    1. Went once. Was totally underwhelmed by the food. Still trying to find a closer alternative (live in West Chester) than Sweet Lucy's which remains my favorite BBQ in the Philly area.

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        The one in Doylestown? Smokin' Lil's? Tried it once. This is gonna sound stupid but their door is hard to open. I struggled with it awhile, place was empty, three staffers inside that must have seen and heard me wrestling with it but no one helped. Not exactly overly friendly when I did manage to get inside. Oh well no one will ever call me mechanically inclined. The barbecue beef was fatty but the roll was very good. They do an awesome take out business with the courthouse right there. They had a lot of nice looking desserts. Would be an awesome place to grab stuff for a picnic if you have the money to spend. Or is Sweet Lucy's a different place? If so where is it please?

        1. re: givemecarbs

          Sweet Lucy's is in Northeast Philadelphia, on State Road, off the Cottman Avenue exit. Google them, you'll find it on the 'net. Have been dying to get to their Monday night buffet but have never made it. Regrettably, I am currently monitoring my caloric intake, so bbq is out for the time being.

        2. re: Rondo

          I agree with your thoughts on the Pig Out. The ribs on Saturday were soaked in grease, not worth $20.

          My BBQ heaven in West Chester is Mabel's. Its on Market St. next to Great Pumpkin and Dunkin Donuts. Although the ribs don't have tons of smoke flavor, they are always consistently delicious. The chicken is usually dry.

          I've had these ribs at the WC restaurant fest and they were great:

          1. re: xtownj

            I second Mabel's. Only tried her fried chicken so far. Not dry, not even the white meat. A considerable improvement on "fast food chain" fried chicken.


            1. re: FrancisdeR

              Sound great, I have to try the fried chicken. I only tried the BBQ chicken.

        3. Has anyone tried Fat Cat BBQ in Thorndale? I haven't made it over there yet.

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          1. re: leepinleemur

            The ribs at Fat Cat weren't bad, nice smoke flavor. If I went back, I would request the sauce on the side. He put on way too much sauce and then heated the ribs, the smoke flavor was lost.

          2. Didn't even know it was there! It's about 5 miles away, so I"ll have to give it a try! Beats going to Montco

            1. We went once. The sauce was ladled on way too heavy. The brisket was microwaved and still not warmed. I would not recomend it.