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Sep 6, 2008 12:34 PM

Proper biriyani

I'm putting this post out for my little sis, who is a student on a budget. She spent several years in India and became something of a biriyani connoisseur. She is disappointed by the biriyanis she gets served in the States. If anyone knows of any place that serves biriyani of the calibre you can get in India or Pakistan, please please let me know. We would be willing to travel anywhere in NYC, but Manhattan is convenient.

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  1. has she been to Jackson Heights.
    Allaudin sweet meats on 73rd rates pretty high in some circles, i like al naimet on 74th and 37th, and theres a lot of other restaurants to try there. It's little india after all. I'd like to hear what she likes from there. Hyberadabi on Broadway and approx 68th is pretty good as well. ahh, other than nanking, there hasnt been much biryani I don't respect around the area.

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      Thanks, I've forwarded your suggestions on to her. I live in London and the problem I find with most 'Indian' restaurants is that they are run by Bangladeshis, not Indians! Bangladeshi cuisine is delicious in its own right but they cannot cook biriyani the way they do in Northern India or Hyderabad.
      Anyway, I'm going to get my next biriyani fix when I visit India next month. I've tried cooking it myself but the rice remains either undercooked or congeals into a solid lump of carb.

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        jackson heights is a mere shadow of its original self re: desi cooking say a number of desis/aficionados.

        here's an out of the box thought: go to one of the taxi stops like pakistan tea house in tribeca and ask them if you can special order a biryani from them, a whole pot so as to make it worth their while. insist on goat, of course. then have a party!

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          i dont get that argument- biryani is fundamentally a afghan or muslim dish and bangladeshis cook those dclassic dishes- as an example, she could check out Mina in sunnyside (contraversial, on this board) but she is capable of making good biryani etc.

          The problem, I think is that this is a party dish - it needs to be assembled and layered and cooked for proper form and most "biryanis" served in restaurants are quickly assembled dishes from already cooked rice and meat or veg. I have had biryani I liked in NY indian restaurants (many years ago) but I agree with whoever suggested specialordering for a group to get a good version of this..

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        1. hey! another one to try is Sangam. It's a new place that opened up on the south-west corner of Bleeker and Macdougal in the village. It's tasty and homemade, in Lamb/Chicken/Veg.


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            I second Sangam. Ate there recently b/c of a great review I read in one of the local magazines. A pretty amazing story on how it got started, but the place is known for it's biriyani - one of the 2 dozen things on their menu.