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Sep 6, 2008 12:11 PM

Salad ideas to feature roasted beets

Been roasting beets for my salads lately. Love 'em. What do think is a good combination of ingredients for a salad, green or otherwise that will compliment the roasted beets.

Currently I like spinach, pine nuts, goat cheese and TJ's Walnut Pear Vinagrette.

Your ideas?

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  1. I like mixed greens with blue cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries and red wine vinaigrette, but yours sounds good, too!

    1. I love a green salad with roasted beets, peaches, and feta. If I have roasted corn, I throw that in there, too.

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      1. re: Budino

        That sounds interesting!

        Here' my latest salad topping...Spiced Pecans.

        10 oz. pecans
        2 tbs. butter
        1.5 tsp cumin (or curry powder)
        .25 tsp cayenne
        2 tbs. sugar
        1 tsp. salt

        Toast in oven, or saute in pan, and I've even (gasp) just nuked the whole batch stirring every 20-30 seconds. You can cut back the spice amount if you want, but this is a terrific combo of ingredients. Not too sweet, just a hint. Wicked salad topping or just for plain eating.

      2. I love roasted beets in potato salad. Sliced red potatoes, sliced hard cooked egg, sliced red onion, sliced beets. Oil and vinegar dressing. Lovely.

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          I make a similar salad, but without the egg, and using a mustard-sauce dressing (dijon mustard in emulsion with olive oil, not sure the proportions, I do it by taste). Yours sounds nice, too.

        2. OMG, I just made the most delicious salad w beets from my garden. Was in the latest issue of Cooking Light.
          I sub'd candied pecans for the walnuts, goat cheese for the blue cheese, added dried cherries and skipped the chives. I roasted ~ 4 regular to large sized beets in a 450 oven for ~ 1 hour. So good!

          1. I love the combination of beets and sardines with arugula and other spicy greens. Dressing of sour cream or yoghurt (thinned with a little buttermilk if need be), dill, horseradish or mustard. I usually mix the sardines and beets in with the dressing and let it meld a while, before putting over greens. Works well with tinned sardines, but of course it's much nicer with freshly roasted ones!