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Sep 6, 2008 12:04 PM

Out of town guest - restaurant SW Calgary

My dear friend is visiting from Hong Kong. I'd like to take her to somewhere good and reasonable in the SW area (near Chinook) in Calgary. Nothing too earth-shattering.

I was thinking along Original Joe's or Ric's Grill type of establishment, but I don't really like chain restaurant so I need some recommendation please.


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  1. The only thing I can think of that is super close to you is Bolero. Other than that, the good stuff is a bit of a drive. You would be looking at downtown or The Ranche in the south.

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    1. re: danniek

      Deep South is ok too. The Ranche is very nice, but it's way over budget for us. We're looking to spend $15-$20 for a main dish.

      I'll look into Bolero. Any other recommendation?

      1. re: Anomay

        If you are up for a drive in the country, you could go out to Route 40 Soup Company. I have been there a few times and it has been very good every time.

        Its a little bit out of the way if you are coming from Chinook, but it is a beautiful drive.

        1. re: danniek

          FYI Route 40 is opening a new resto in the hamlet of Millarville very soon. Across the street from the gas staion etc in an old historical building.
          It is a beautiful dr to T.V. but its nice that the 2nd location will be a bit closer.

          check out Alloy by Chinook on 42nd? street. It might stretch your budget a bit BUT well worth it!
          Theres always the Phoenix Grill buy the movie theaters at Shawnesse.....its not a chain....

    2. Why does it have to near Chinook? Chinook is in the geographic centre of the city and you're just as close to downtown as to the deep south. There is SO much more choice and quality downtown or in the beltline!

      But if you're thinking Original Joe's, you can get to the one in Marda Loop very easily.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        I should have been more clear on the original post. Chinook is as south as we'll like to go actually.

        And you're right, the choices are better in downtown and beltline. It's just that after an exhausting work day, we don't usually want to drive all the way back to downtown again.

        There's a new Original Joe's down south (Bonavista Sqaure) too, but not sure how good it is actually.

        1. re: Anomay

          I didn't know they were opening in Millarville. That's great news! Much closer.

          For options foe Anomay, there isn't a lot in that area that isn't a chain. But here is what I can think of:

          Joey Tomatos
          Cactus Club
          The Keg
          Redwater Grill
          Tokyo Garden
          Tommy Burger

          1. re: danniek

            Ah, I forgot about Tommy Burger! Thanks for the suggestion!

          2. re: Anomay

            Do you mean that Chinook is as far north as you'd want to go?

            I know that for people who work DT the prospect of trudging back that way must sound awful, but as somebody who generally, when he drives, has a wrong-way commute (ie, I live near DT and work at the Univ), the traffic is a delight- smooth sailing. This is why I encourage that people shop on Saturdays at Eaton Centre instead of Chinook (etc)- traffic is a breeze and there are no huge crowds (usually). Anyway, I think danniek has given you some nice suggestions!

        2. Salt and Pepper is also in that area although it isn't a grill type of place.