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Sep 6, 2008 11:29 AM

South End - Healthy Food

Does anyone have ideas of a healthy dinner out in the South End? It seems like most food is smuthered in butter or oil...

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  1. I was just at B&G Oysters. I personally think it's overrated and overpriced, but it was still good. The options there are healthy... or healthier than a lot of places in the area. If you get there early enough, they can probably do a lobster roll for you without the mayo. That's what I got, side salad rather than fries, and some oysters.

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      Oiishi is pretty healthy and you won't eat too much.

    2. Southend Buttery is now open for dinner. They try to keep things relatively healthy, with lots of local, fresh and organic ingredients. Also, a very nice wine list and some interesting beers.