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Sep 6, 2008 11:00 AM

anyone know of byob with a terrace??

Hi all,
Was trolling the board for a resto with a terrace that was also byob. It's for our anniversary next friday and I thought byob as we have many great bottles waiting to be quaffed--terrace in order to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I think the bleu raisin has a smallish one....any other suggestions??

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  1. I don't know if its out of the way for you, but Campagnola in Lasalle is BYOB, family run, has a terrace (on the sidewalk on Dollard - not a striking view but an outdoor terrace nonetheless). Very good food. Note that you usually can't get into this joint without a reservation. The terrace doubles seating area and walk ins are possible.

    There's plenty of places on Prince Arthur, but the food is generally disappointing (Mazurka is good, about the only place I eat there).

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      Thanks for the Campagnola rec--will check it out one day--have heard good things...

    2. Yes, Le Bleu Raisin has a terrace that unfortunately fronts on St-Denis. Le Pégase has a tiny backyard terrace. The enclosed terrace at Aux Rites Bébères is one of the nicest in the city, though a recent, now-deleted post complained of less-than-stellar hosting. On Duluth, Jardin de Panos's big, bustling, tree-shaded terrace is appealing, its run-of-the-mill Greek food less so. If you're in the mood for Afghani food, Khyber Pass has a pleasant patio.

      Were it my anniversary, were I uncorking great wines and were a terrace mandatory, I'd head to Le Bleu Raisin first, with Le Pégasse as a backup.

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        Also, Couscous Royale on Duluth has an outdoor balcony which is a bit like a terrace.

        Then again, if you enjoy good wine you could go to Bouchonnée and have some nice food and some excellent wine duos and then continue on with one of your bottles at home.

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          I really like le bleu raisin but have been there 3 times and was looking for something new...pegase looks good, thanks.

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            Was anyone disappointed by Le bleu raisin recently? I went for the first time this summer and it did not woo me at all! I had the autruche tartare as an appetizer and I thought that it had way too many capers so the only taste was the capers. I had a magret de canard for the entrée and it came too overcooked and the quality was not really great. I often eat magret and it was really ordinary. Since I had heard so many great things about it, I was anxious to go but I left disappointed. I saw the chef and I know for a fact that it was the regular chef that night because he was the one in the kitchen years ago at La prunelle. Maybe it was a off night for him...

            1. re: cricri7

              I haven't been recently, as I consider Le Bleu Raisin an autumn/winter type spot. It goes back into the rotation when it gets cold, later in the season (an example of my wishful thinking). I do find the chef can be off on occasion, and he is willing to go out on the edge and take a risk or two. But I don't mind the odd miss in exchange for his high points. He does very wine friendly food, it is a nice place to bring those special bottles.

              1. re: moh

                We had brought nice bottles also. The sauce for the magret was excellent though even if the duck was not great. It was a cassis and chocolate sauce and was very good. A chef should not let a sub par quality meat go out of his kitchen. Even if the sauce was excellent, the fact that the duck was so-so took away from my dinner.

        2. La Raclette on Gilford has a covered, quiet-street one.

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            I've wanted to try La Raclette, will do so soon. As summer ended a few days after I posted we couldn't do the terrace thing. Went to Toque for the first and last time. Expensive yes but also boring--in terms of food and atmosphere. Only one of the dishes in the seven course tasting menu was inspired (the scallops), a few were very good (the second main of steak, the desert of blueberries and sorbet), most were blah (tasteless fish, really strange combo of goat cheese and strawberry crisps) and one was terrible (pigeon, problem was the dish, not the bird). The chocolates to finish were nice though as was my 23$ glass of wine. The whole experience was very 1990 with "foam" and artfully arranged veggie purees in a number of dishes. FYI bill came to 320 for two with tax,tip, 2 cocktails and 2 glasses of wine. At least now I know what I'm not missing...

            1. re: daimon4

              WOW someone who dares say Toque was boring. Absolutely. Nothing like the old Toque on St. Denis. This is ho hum, been there done that expensive foams. Definitely not worth the price. I'm sorry that's what I chose on my one dinner in Montreal. Where shall I go next time??

          2. Jardin de Panos is located on Duluth, is a BYOB and has one of the best terraces in the city !