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Sep 6, 2008 10:54 AM

Jewish or Italian to-go deli south OC

We are having a very casual family get-together and I want to bring in deli food -- probably bread and/or rolls and an assortment of meats, cheeses, condiments etc with some side salads. We will be in Capistrano and I'd love to find someplace within 15-20 mi if possible (I'll drive a bit farther if I need to.) I need someplace open Sundays so I can pick up right before we eat (I'll be traveling 1.5 hrs from my house to the event and plan to pick up on the way.)

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  1. Harbor Delicatessen at the Dana Point Harbor. They have jewish deli for lunch and then Italian at dinner time. I have ordered frequently pastrami, corn beef, turkey, chopped liver, cole slaw, potato salad, great pickles and home made jewish rye bread, cheeses etc. for take out. Telephone number is 949-496-0424. Be sure to call about when you can pick up the order. We've never been disappointed.

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      sorry, that web site doesn't work, so call first.

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        Until yesterday I would have seconded the rec on Harbor Deli. Somewhere in the recent past they must have changed either their cook or their meat supplier but the pastrami I had there yesterday was almost tasteless and my wife's corned beef was bland as well. The bread, slaw, pickles, etc are still good and the place was pretty busy, but I was very disappointed with the change in the meat. Seemed different since I did a pastrami sandwich take-out about 6 weeks ago.

      2. Claro's in Tustin for Italian.

        Claro's Italian Markets
        1095 E Main St, Tustin, CA 92780

        1. Bumping with intent, as I was about to post the request for SOUTH OC CHOPPED LIVER. Search of the past year turns up nada. Anyone want to weigh in on Harbor Deli's chopped liver or suggest an alternative? I'll even take Gelson's as a hypothetical. Thanks!

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            After my last experience there I wouldn't want to speculate.

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              Understood; it was your posting that made me feel that I had to find a 2nd recommendation to begin with!

          2. If there is a Bristol Farms in the area, their deli meats and cheeses are very good. They also have some great side salads.

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              Thanks Jen10! There's one pretty close, and a Gelson's too, I'll try them both.