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Sep 6, 2008 10:36 AM

Flat White, Soho, London

The namesake flat white was great, lovely current of coffee flavour coursing through the milk, a mellow quality with little bitterness, a clean finish. Nice slice of pressed dried figs with almonds, a perfect combination of intense fruit and fresh toasty nuts, perhaps with a gentle background of spice (coriander, cumin??). Brings a lovely natural sweetness to complement the coffee.

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  1. I was planning to go here on Thursday, so thank you for this! The slice sounds particularly delicious, and perfect for 3pm on a workday. You have been busy again lately.

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    1. re: foodie guide

      definitely one of the best places for coffee in the city (maybe THE best?). the owners also have a new place in soho called milk bar

      1. re: t_g

        FW and momouth are both great. Although sometimes i get bit too much of a buzz from the Flat Whites and Flat White. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. Strong stuff.

        1. re: foreignmuck

          I hear that Flat White gets beans from Square Mile coffee.

          Anyone tried their beans?

    2. In the end, I went to Milk Bar as it's only a minute away from my office. Had a lovely smoked chicken salad and left feeling all buzzy from my latte and hot chocolate (which comes with mini marshmallows on the plate). My friend had the bacon and halloumi bagel, which he highly recommends. I realised I used to have coffee at that location before it became Milk Bar, but it's much nicer now and the staff are really friendly. ALSO, I shouldn't really reveal this, as I want to keep it to myself, but it was really quiet at lunchtime!

      Helen Yuet Ling Pang