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Sep 6, 2008 10:33 AM

Leftover heavy cream...recipe?

I have some leftover heavy cream to use up, recommend your favorite recipe using heavy cream... thanks!

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  1. brew some strong coffee and make your own doubleshot type drink

    1. I never have "leftover heavy cream" because it is a pantry staple for me. This morning, I used a TBLS tp make our scrambled eggs. I'll use some more tonight, along with Marsala, to deglaze the chicken pan after sauteeing some chicken pieces. On another day, it is likely that I may use some more to enrich a bechamel sauce or give some "oomph" to a pan of sliced carrots simmered with orange zest and ginger. A broccoli puree with mint benefitted from another TBLS as will our fennel-potato gratin whose primary liquid is chicken broth. I made some fresh ricotta from whey last week and there wasn't quite enough for my eggplant w/ fresh tomato sauce so I added a couple of eggs and heavy cream along with freshly grated Parmesan cheese to flesh it out a bit.

      These aren't recipes, per se, but I hope they give you some ideas.

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        The first thought I had was "Leftover?" :)

        I put it in my coffee every morning. We're never without it.

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          me, too on the scrambled eggs. I'm not a huge fan of scrambled eggs, but they become a think of beauty when made with a little heavy cream. (doesn't use much, though...)

        2. you could go sweet and make a chocolate ganache - delicious on french toast or in pre-baked tarte shells or on ice cream, or you could go savory and make a beautiful cream sauce for pasta - a lemon chicken or deluxe prawns

          1. You could also freeze it if you want to use it up later. I do this all them (e.g. freezing leftover heavy cream, then thawing it when I'm making ice cream).

            Edit: You didn't specify how much extra you have--I'm assuming it's a reasonable quantity. Otherwise, just add a Tbsp or so to things like eggs (as Sherri mentioned) or pan sauces or oatmeal. Or throw it in some Kahlua and drink it.

            1. If you have 1.5 cups left, go out and buy a graham cracker crust and 18 ozs. of chocolate morsels. Heat the cream to boiling, remove from heat. Add in chocolate until fully mixed. Pour it into the shell. Chill at least 3 hours. Served as slices with some whipped cream and fresh strawberries, it is decadence!