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Sep 6, 2008 10:18 AM

Cinnamon buns @ Nordic Bakery, Soho, London

Got them fresh out of the oven. A nice sticky glaze of caramelised sugar, a good amount of cinnamon. The layers of the rolls are thin, the outer ones with a lovely tan from the oven and just a trace of crispiness, the inner layers melding together softly, almost custard-like. Lovely warmth. They have them fresh at opening time (8am iirc) and bake them during the day when they run out, so might be advisable to call ahead if you want fresh rolls in the afternoon.

I have a slight preference for the ones at Scandivanian Kitchen, partly because they have a cardamom flavour.

Nice strong coffee, bitter and earthy, with a soft and rounded sour finish. Good with the bun.

A spacious and relatively quiet cafe.

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  1. I must head over to Soho and try one of their buns as I've been reading about them for some time!

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      I love the Nordic Bakery. I've only had the cinnamon buns, but i must try the other bits they've got there. I need to get over to the Scandi Kitchen as well to compare.

    2. Oh limster, you've just reminded me of these heavenly things! Mine was so big I couldn't even finish it, although admittedly I did also have a gravadlax sandwich beforehand. It was quiet when I went too, which is great considering its location. It's a little haven from the chaos of London...

      Helen Yuet Ling Pang