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ISO MILD red wine marinade recipe

jacquelyncoffey Sep 6, 2008 09:21 AM

Does anyone remember "Mr Marinade?" They made a red-wine marinade that I just loved. It had a very mild red wine flavor, almost buttery. I would love to find a recipe like that. All of the ones I have tried to make are too "winey" and the herbs and garlic in them are too strong and sometimes harsh for me. Any suggestions on a mild wine to use? Perhaps something that should breathe for an extended period? Any thoughts and ideas are most welcome - thank you.

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    sweety210 RE: jacquelyncoffey Jul 14, 2012 09:33 PM

    I thought I was the only one looking for Mr. Marinade. Have you found a recipe? Would you share it with me if you have ? Thank you

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      jacquelyncoffey RE: sweety210 Jul 15, 2012 10:55 AM

      I have not found a recipe yet. I am going to try a rioja, it's been recommended by a couple of wine store employees who tell me it is a mild red wine. It's on my shopping list, I'll let you know what I come up with. To todao, thank you for your suggestion, it gives me a good place to start.

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        todao RE: jacquelyncoffey Jul 15, 2012 07:59 PM

        There are several categories of Rioja so make sure you ask your wine merchant which of those he believes might be the midest. I doubt that all of them will satisfy your preferences.

        1. re: todao
          jacquelyncoffey RE: todao Jul 16, 2012 08:17 PM

          Thank you, I had no idea there would be differences. I'll see what I can come up with.

    2. todao RE: jacquelyncoffey Jul 14, 2012 10:59 PM

      Bottled marinades are often softened by dilution of the wine so it's difficult to know why your marinade was stronger than the commercial product you describe. If you're looking for a mild wine to use in preparing a marinade you might consider a Merlot. If it weren't a sparkling red wine I'd include Lambrusco - it's mild but you wouldn't want to use it for marinade. My personal choice would be a Cabernet or even a Beaujolais but they may exceed what you describe as mild.
      Try a blend of 1 cup Merlot with 6 ounces of olive oil and 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Add some crushed garlic and a little salt and pepper. Use it as a marinade (refrigerated) for 3 - 4 hours. You can add herbs/spices if you like, but keep the quantities small; use less if dried herbs/spices.

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