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Sep 6, 2008 09:10 AM

Plaka the Greek/Mediterranean restaurant in Jackson Heights / East Elmhurst shopping center

It took me longer to try the place than it should have. After giving up on Rosa's next store and their horrible downturn I finally gave Plaka a try and now kicking myself that i waited so long.Ordered spinach pie which was fresh and not microwaved like the other places in Astoria or bayside. Good not bad but the highlight was the Chicken Souvlaki sandwich. Finally a fresh warm, toasty pita bread that didnt taste old or stale. Chicken was excellent. Juicy and tender and the white sauce was homemade and very good. Reminded of the fresh ones you get at the street fairs. For 5.50 its a bargain and puts all those gyro spots in Astoria on standby. Strange location and its a formal restaurant but they do the traditional greek fast food grill thing very good. Might be better than Gyro World and definitely Gyro Corner.

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