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Sep 6, 2008 08:53 AM

Cheese in Edmonton

I was wondering about the quality of cheese from the Strathcona market stall called the Cheese Factory. Is it just fresh cheese?

Am I better off sticking to Patti's on 124st? Or is that one connected to the bakery on Whyte better?


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  1. That cheese shop on whyte looks like it's long gone. Opps. I really liked the cheese factory's jalepeno gouda I got today. Very creamy. I saw that they had aged cheeses as well and the lady there said it is all made in house at their restaurant.

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      As far as I know when the original "Paddy's" sold out from its spot adjacent to to the French Meadows bakery on Whyte it was moved to High Market in Garneau just west of 124th Street.

      Although I am tempted to try it, I hate the parking and during the festive season the line-ups are ridiculous. That having been said the cheese selections is the major supermarkets like my Sobeys are significantly better than they used to be.

    2. Italian Centre, hands down, for cheese, unless you are looking for something specific that is not Italian. But they do carry Manchego and some French as well the last time I was in there.

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          You will find a much better selection at Paddy's as well as knowledgeable staff. The cheeses there are more interesting and harder to find. That being said, do not buy any Italian cheeses there as they buy them from The italian Center and mark them up.

          I have heard that the Sobeys fresh market downtown has a good cheese counter, but I have not been there.

          Also Sunterra has a better than grocery store selection.

      1. When I was there last week I saw that Paddy's was selling Cheese Factory curds.

        When you go looking for cheese I think it all depends on what kinds of cheeses you're looking for and also timing. For instance, I've bought raclette from both Paddy's and the Italian Centre, and had mixed experiences with both. The one from the Italian Centre was precut and freeze packed instead of being in their deli case. Tasted okay, but the flavour was a bit weak. The one from Paddy's was cut on order but if the cheese had been sitting in their cooler for a while then the exposed side was obviously not as good as a fresh wheel.