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Artery clogging foods

What is the most artery clogging food you've ever eaten? Here is mine:

My would have to be bread fried in hamburger fat. My mom would fry hamburgers in her cast iron skillet. After frying the hamburgers there woudl be 1/2 to 1 inch of beef fat in the skillet. The bread be soaked in the fat & then fried in a different pan. Oh boy -brown, crispy, with bits of ground beef.

I think I will fry some hamburgers this week!!!!

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  1. I don't eat Eggs Benedict with tomato and bacon very often, but it's worth it when I do.

    1. Probably growing up on Jersey shore...eating pork roll-egg & cheddar sandwiches on an English muffin...gawd! Tasted so damned good after coming home from shore bars, too, LOL!

      1. I loved a similar version of fried bread when I was a kid. My German grandmother would fry rye bread in bacon grease. At the time, I thought it was heaven on earth. Now I'm not sure if my system could handle the grease!

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          You know, I believe that the bacon fat has it all over the Taylor Pork Roll as far as artery clogging qualities....I remember also my brother (2 years older than me) basting sunny-side up fried eggs in bacon drippings...I did that too but much more so the Taylor Pork Roll extravaganza.

        2. A steak from the dorsal muscle (off primal rib) of a wagyu steer fed 550 days on grain. Oh, and it was brushed with butter. Great with Tanqueray and lime.

          1. Funny, I just described this dish in another thread not ten minutes ago - poutine. French fries, covered with cheese curds and hot brown gravy. The 10-oz version at New York Fries has these nutrition facts: 950 calories, 450 from fat, 13 g of saturated fat. Heart stoppin' goodness!

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              And it's Southern California cousin, carne asada fries. French Fries, carne asada, nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream. No redeeming dietary value, but it sure does taste good

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                Disco Fries! now you're talkin..

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                  I don't nkow exactly where New York Fries is, but a ten ounce poutine is kinda like a child's portion. In Quebec, a 'large' poutine usually comes in a tin and probably tips the scales over 2 pounds...
                  Teenagers eat them all the time.

                  I'm not that big a cheese fan, so I forego the poutine. My weakness is freshmade fried pork belly, whether latina chicharon, or european crackling, its all goooood.

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                    New York Fries is a popular chain in food courts across southern Ontario. I used them as an example because they post their nutrition information. I limit myself to a "small" for fear of imminent adverse cardiac events. :}

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                      OK, now that you mention it, I think I remember NY Fries being part of the food concessions in a MTL movie theater.
                      I'm not chiding your 10 oz reference, just a large poutine must easily be 3-4 times that 'nutrition' value - so like 3500 calories, half of that is fat.
                      Good winter food, ya think ; /)

                2. Peking duck skin with hoisin sauce.

                  Krispy Kreme donut cheeseburger.

                  Twice fried (in duck fat) french fries.

                  1. My favorite burger at my favorite burger joint used to be a burger with cheese, sour cream and bacon. Add some onion rings and a chocolate shake (made with real ice cream) and you have a cardiologist's nightmare!

                    1. It would be either sausage and biscuits or poutine.

                      I make a cheesecake with 4 whole eggs and 4 yolks, and 1lb of cream cheese, but it is almost too rich.

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                        You can never be too rich or too thin. Of course, for this cheesecake, you would have to pick one or the other!

                      2. Had a friend many years ago that made a pretty artery clogging vegetarian sandwich. Hazelnut bread, one side with a thick layer of cream cheese, topped with plenty of sliced avocado. The other slice of bread a thick layer of mayo, topped with sliced tomato and dried basil, and a big slice of cheddar cheese. Broil the cheddar until melted, and slap the two sides together.

                        Wonder how it would taste with a couple slices of bacon added? :)

                        1. That would probably be chicharones tacos. Or maybe grilled andouillette. Either are quite rare, and generally followed by a week of mostly vegetarian eating and lots of exercise on my part.

                          1. Oh what don't I clog my arteries with? A full English breakfast with everything including the bread fried in bacon grease; pork belly or shoulder deep fried until crispy and then served with a sauce made with liver; chicken fried steak. It's all good to me!

                            1. moco loco in hawaii - fried hamburger on top of a heap of white rice, topped with a fried sunny side up egg, all topped with brown gravy. and a side of deep fried bacon. that's good stuff right there!

                              1. GRIBBINIS! Renderings of chicken skin and fat. Ah Machiyah!

                                (Maybe that's why I had a triple bypass last year!)

                                1. When I was in junior high I stayed with one of my girlfriends at her grandma's Her grandma made fried chicken every Sunday, but on the particular Sunday I was there she didn't have enough crisco. She put the crisco she had left in the pan then she filled the rest of it with bacon fat. So, the most artery clogging food I have ever had was chicken drumsticks fried in bacon fat.

                                  1. Biscuits with sausage gravy, topped with eggs fried in bacon grease.

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                                      Barberton style fried chicken is always fried in lard. Its delicious but it will kill you.


                                    2. Oh man...it has to be all the fast food and pizza I eat. That hamburger technique definitely sounds pretty artery-clogging. Do you put cheese and toppings on your burgers too?

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                                        fried chicken skin po-boy. in a crummy shack not far from lake pontchartrain. it was the best sandwich i have ever eaten.

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                                          Oh god that sounds AMAZING. I bet it would be great with pork rinds or cracklins too.

                                      2. double double with extra cheese, 1000 spread..
                                        eggs benedict with smoked salmon and extra citrus hollandaise..
                                        I hear that if you take a shot of apple cider vinegar that it negates the bad clogging effects..aged balsamic is more to my liking.

                                        1. Monster Thickburger from Hardee's.
                                          1420 calories and 108 grams of fat mmmmmmmmm

                                          My boyfriend and I got one each plus a set of chili fries and 2 milkshakes after hiking for 5 hours. Our excuse is that we "worked out"

                                          I must say that it was one of the best IF not the best burgers I have ever eaten...no lie. It was so good that I decided to get another one at another Hardee's but it didnt even come close. I'm sure it was the location and the circumstances of the day.

                                          1. Cabbage soup in the old Soviet Union; no meat but lots of fat.
                                            Lobster Benedict.
                                            Deep fried lobster
                                            Fried clams or oysters.
                                            Salt fish and potatoes w/ pork scraps (rendered salt pork)

                                            1. Sandwich with thick slab of provolone cheese and thick slice of butter. A friend, who was Dutch, brought those to work and gave me a sample. Wow!
                                              Southern breakfast of eggs (fried in bacon grease), bacon, sausage, gravy with sausage in it, biscuits, butter and molasses. You had to drink hot coffee just to get it down!
                                              Double Cheeseburger, fries, onion rings and chocolate malt!
                                              Pork backbone ribs and fries. A few beers and cheesecake for dessert.
                                              BTW, I changed my ways long ago and eat a pretty healthy diet. My dad (a country boy, who ate breakfasts, like above, for all his short life), died of a coronary occlusion when he was 45.
                                              Kind of a sobering thought.

                                              1. Cheesecake
                                                Fettucini Alfredo
                                                Chicken Fricassee
                                                Lobster Newburg
                                                Sausage gravy
                                                hhhhmmmmmm . . . . I see a trend. Most anything made with a significant amount of heavy/whipping cream or cream cheese? Gosh, but I love those ingredients!!!!!

                                                1. Foie gras appetizer. Fresh butter with the baguette, please.

                                                  Roast suckling pig entree.

                                                  Chocolate pot de creme.

                                                  Lipitor chaser.

                                                  1. I'm surprised we've made it this far in the thread without one mention of philly cheesesteaks. I take mine: Double wiz, double meat, pepper with - and I add extra hot sauce and dried chiles. It should come with the warning "each one of these sandwiches will reduce your life by 35 days."