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Sep 6, 2008 08:25 AM

Palm Springs Must Eats

I will be in Palm Souse prings for a few days and we are looking for recommendations on moderately priced restauarants. We are renting a house so we are also looking for markets.

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  1. Market = Jensen's

    El Mirasol (mexican + margaritas)
    Native Foods (vegan lunch)
    Copley's (nice dinner)
    Norma's (hollywood breakfast)
    Fisherman's Market (hearty sandwiches)
    Kiyosaku (high quality sushi)

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    1. re: notjustastomach

      many thanks. Jensen's looks like a dream come true.

    2. Only go to El Mirasol if you don't like spicy food. It has the most bland Mexican food I've had in my life.

      Jensen's is a nice market but extremely over priced. Stater Brothers is the most reasonable market in the area and they are known for their meat (its cheaper than Costco for meat).

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      1. re: RBCal

        I guess it depends upon what you order. El Mirasol's Shrimp Dona Diabla usually entails 6 giant shrimp (oxymoron alert) swimming in a sea of whole chipotle chilies and sauce. No way *that* can be bland! The shrimp in pipian is not as heavy on the chilies, but chilies still come to the front of the dish.

        Don't eat land animals at all. Can't comment on El Mirasol's beef or pork, let alone the relative merits of Stater Brothers and Costco. Jensen's has organic dairy and organic produce . . . I expect to pay more.