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Sep 6, 2008 08:25 AM

Can just say that I really like Woomi Gardens?

I am not expert in Korean cuisine but I really, really like Woomi. It has some bad reviews on Yelp and it isn't much discussed here but I went there again last night and I just think everything is very good. We had the seafood pancake, tempura, sashimi, dumplings, bulgogi and the assorted small plates they give you gratis. The bulgogi is a bit pricey ($18.95) but portions there are typically big enough to share. The above was PLENTY of food for three and probably enough for four. The service is very good (on each of the times I have been). It can get crowded but if you hit it just after the dinner rush (8PM or so) then you shouldn't have a problem getting a table immediately on Friday or Saturday night. I am sure there are better places in Annandale but I live in Wheaton and I love that this is a great option so close by. Have others had the same experience?

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  1. We also like Woomi and I've recommended it a few times in the past on here. We're not experts in Korean either, or sushi for that matter, but we enjoy both there. The service is always great, the panchan fun (the little dishes you mentioned) and we looove their seafood pancake. And the beer is served ice-cold. One of the things I like about Woomi is that I find both of the rooms--sushi and bbq--quite nice compared to other Asian places in the area.

    1. Woomi's K-BBQ is very good and even better than many of the places in Annandale. I've had galbi there that's among the best I've ever had. I've also had some nights that it's just *ok*. But, on the whole, big fan.

      1. I was there last night, too. Maybe I saw you there. ;-)

        I also heart Woomi Garden. A lot. It doesn't hurt that it's about five minutes away from my house. I've always had great service, there too. Last night, we had galbi and the seafood pancake (and I had it again for lunch today), and they were both loverly.

        I will say that I generally prefer their Korean fare to their Japanese fare. shellymck, I know what you mean about their galbi. I've had the galbi sometimes when it's not so good, too. No such problems last night, though. :-D

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          I like WooMi for their BBQ and the lunch buffet is a steal. The Kimchee Chigaee and the Spicy Beef Soup are also very good. The mandoo and mandoo gook are great.

          But I prefer Yet Gol in Glenmont shopping center for Seoul Long Tang, Soo Yuk sp?(Boiled meats with dipping sauce- beef & tripe), seafood pancake, bibimbap, soon du bu and kim chee chigaee. Most of the rest of the menu at Yet Gol is pretty passable and the mandoo are out and out forgettable. But it is a small family run joint with lots of love (well not always if the surley high school family members are waiting tables and really want to go home) :-/

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            Interesting. I've never been there before, but I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

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              I will have to try Yet Gol. I've never even noticed it and eat out enough to "spread the love" to locally owned ethnic places. Thanks for the tip!

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                Its in the corner way at the back on the side with the CVS but at the other end. Small neon sign. Seouol Long Tang is some of the best in the DC area. I prefer it to Gamasot's but it is not quite as good as Gahn Mee Oak in NYC. It is one of the best woupds in DC AFAIK, along with the Man Doo Guk at lunch at WooMi.

          2. Not sure if I'm a Korean expert, but I am Korean, so close enough right? I really like Woomi Gardens, and have been going for years with my family. We've migrated from previous restaurants, mostly Ha Dong Oak in Rockville, and this Korean buffet in VA, though we go to Shin Chon in Ellicot City regularly. Woomi has good kalbi and I'm a stickler about mul naengmyon, the perfect accompaniment to Korean BBQ, and they put out a fine rendition. I live pretty close by, so I always go when I can't have my mom's cooking (who obviously makes the best Korean food), and I'm glad that others are discovering it. If you are in Baltimore, Shin Chon is a good choice for Korean also, which was recently written up in the Sun. Enjoy!

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              Shin Chon is only about 5 minutes away from me. Do they have good carryout? I would really like to get seafood pancake and kimchi fried rice to go, without driving all the way to H-Mart.