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Sep 6, 2008 07:52 AM

Driveway BBQ or Mexican catering in Byron?

We're having a "Volunteers Recognition" event. A longtime volunteer has offered to host at his home in Discovery Bay (Byron; Contra Costa County) as he retires. So far so good.

He and I agreed that it's worth investigating who does barbequing on site, or something similar: it ups the fun factor; it makes the caterer at least partially responsible for cleanup; and (here's where you come in) it could bring up the quality of the food.

I've looked through the archives without finding a query like this.

Through the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, I've found at least 3 places that will either cook onsite or bring BBQ to us. (Yes, we've been discussing vegetarian options for the non-carnivores or kosher-keeping in the group.)

RIBEYE'S MARKET (yes, they've closed the storefront, but are still doing catering.)

STICKY CHICKEN & RIBS (yes, they'll cater, but not cook onsite)

Cuz'nz BBQ (they're looking into cooking onsite; best equipped to handle the veggie options)

My question to you in two parts:
1. Do you have comments about the food prepared by any of these places I've mentioned? Or their performance as caterers?

2. Do you recommend another vendor (in Contra Costa or Alameda Counties, or elsewhere) that makes great food for a crowd (~50 people)?

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  1. A cursory search on Google brings up Kinder’s Brentwood and Ralph’s Catering. I have no experience with either, but other Kinder’s locations have been very accommodating (there’s another 30 minutes away in Tracy). Too bad Sticky Chicken doesn’t offer onsite BBQ.

    I’m sorry, I can’t remember any details, but sometime during this last year I saw something about a caterer who will set up an onsite taco or luau bar. It might be Takobar Catering (website is not up yet)

    Why cater a BBQ? I’m being presumptuous, I know, but large parties are pretty common in Discovery Bay and usually don’t require an additional “fun” factor. I assume that your friend is on deep water and the party will be held on his back deck. We have Xmas boat parade parties about the same size as yours (yes, even in December) and do the grilling ourselves. There are always volunteers eager to man the bbq station and help in the cleanup. You can always do pot luck or hire caterers from a wider field to take care of the alternate main, side & dessert dishes and cleanup.

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    1. re: samse

      Thanks for reminding me about Kinder's and mentioning Ralph's. I'll look into Takobar. Other kinds of catering are also possible, but likely more costly than something in the range of $15/person (plus tax, tip, staff...).

      The sentiment from the Steering Committee is that the event expressing appreciation of the volunteers should not cause the volunteers to do more work for the organization. And in particular our host (and his wife, who is not a volunteer) should be accommodated, rather than need to do more for the group.

      1. re: nancyf

        My apologies - I was being too presumptuous.

        You mentioned Mexican catering as well as bbq. This is not as obvious. I've known of Mexican restaurants who do not advertise catering, but will have done so nonetheless for good customers. The former owners of Cha Cha Cha were an example, but I don't know if the new owners would be receptive. I don't know about the "fun" factor either. Rice, beans and cheese enchiladas are always a great accompaniment to bbq

    2. If you are interested in Mexican, you might look into El Balazo. I have been to several parties that they have catered and the food has been quite good and plentiful. The hosts of the parties have all mentioned that they were very easy to work with and I am sure they would fall within your price range. They have locations in San Ramon and Pleasanton and I believe elsewhere but I am pretty sure their catering trucks would go anywhere within reason.

      1. Don't know if this is too late for you, but Shaw's Texas BBQ caters. They have a BBQ truck that is at farmers markets and many events. Good stuff.

        Kinder's is only average. I wouldn't choose it.