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Sep 6, 2008 07:48 AM

Saul last night - yum!

What great food and I'm so glad that I finally stopped in.

The amuse of cucumber soup was the biggest amuse I've ever had in a restaurant. Cool, garlicky, so tasty.

I had ordered the corn soup - a creamy puree served with smoked tomato ice, a basil or cilantro oil, peekytoe crab, and avocado. A dreamy dish.

Next was the pork belly and octopus - an asian/thai dish with red pepper, cashews, mint, canteloupe, pork belly and charred octopus. Fantastic! I'd go back for this tomorrow.

Cheese plate was solid, with a couple of winners.

The only change I'd make - serve better butter. It was perfect temperature, but kind of bland. Bread from Al Forno (I think) was good.

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