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Sep 6, 2008 07:11 AM

Pizza in Dijon or Paris?

My husband is a pizza addict. I thought he had his fill when we stopped in the Boston area before our trip. All our family and friends know about this addiction so they served it often.
We're in Dijon right now and he needs his fix. Can anyone recommend one?
If not here how about Paris? I'm sure there are plenty but looking for a good one.

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  1. On the road to Paris, stop in Semur-en-Auxois. There's a good pizzeria by the Church. I don't know about pizza in Dijon. In Paris, there is a very famous one on tha av. Franklin Roosevelt, by Saint Philippe du Roule. Also, by the Opera, Paparazzi does no less famous 80cm pizzas (32"). On the bd du Montparnasse, Padova does very thick, bread like pizzas and also insanely big pasta plates. That's all I have for now.

    Don't know why I forgot my favorite pizzeria/trattoria. Thing is, it is the suburbs, in Romainville. It's called Luna Rosso.

    1. Fabulous joint in the 4th: Pizza Momo. It's on a main drag...not rue de rivoli but a road which runs parallel to it. Sorry I can't be more specific but you can look it up when you get to Paris. Was there in July '08 and ordered a pizza margherita which was divine!! My last trip to Paris was in 1998 and I was so looking forward to returning to Momo. I was afraid it had possibly disappeared but to my delight, there it was, woodburning oven & all. I highly recommend it. I hope I can get back there sooner than in 10 years. I'm sure your husband will approve!!!

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        For pizza in Paris I highly recommend Maria Luisa, pizzeria napoletana. Great thin, chewy crust, very authentic. Quite hip/trendy, near the Canal St. Martin, but reasonable prices (60E for two, including 2 aperitifs, 1 entree, 2 pizzas, 1 bottle of wine). 2 rue Marie et Louise, 10ème, 01 44 84 04 01

        Be sure to call to check the hours. They don't take reservations, but if you get there at 8pm (on the dot), there shouldn't be a wait for the first seating.

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          Thank you so much! Saturday it rained most of the day. Around 5:45 my husband stated it has stopped raining. I know of a what LOOKS to be a good Pizza place. We stepped outside walked a few yards and the skies opened. We did continue on or 15 minute walk to a place called La Scala.
          He was told by someone earlier that it opened at 6:00. It was now 6:00.
          We stepped in from the poring rain and was told it opened at 7:00. Walking back to the apaprtment we stopped in other restaurants. Looks like all open at 7:00 here in Dijon. I have been cooking all our evening meals so we did not know ths.
          So, he will get his fix in Paris.

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            Joda, I don't think you will find any place open before 7 pm for dinner in Paris, either.

            1. re: ChefJune

              I agree -- 7pm is a little early. Even 8pm is early, though if you do go to Maria Luisa, I suggest getting there on the dot of 8pm to avoid waiting.

              1. re: ChefJune

                Yikes, if she's looking to eat at 6:00, that will be tough! I don't even think places near theaters open before 7:00!

                Pizza Pino might be an option:

                They're nothing special, but they use wood-fired ovens, their pizza is okay, and most importantly for you, joda -- service continue.

                1. re: tmso

                  I ate at Maria Luisa again recently... I am officially addicted. The Margherita... mwah! Next time I want to try the pizza ricotta. I posted some thoughts and pix on my blog --, but the pix are a little romantic (eg blurry).

          2. Flamingo Pizza at the Canal St. Martin is one of the most fun places to get pizza. Best suited for a sunny afternoon. It's hard to find good pizza in Paris, in my opinion.