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Sep 6, 2008 07:10 AM

Brunch in Back Bay or South End?

Hi, Something else I am trying to find since moving from Manhattan is a great brunch in Back Bay or South End area. Somewhere you can go for a Bloody Mary and great Eggs. I don't mind spending money on this type of meal so long as the atmosphere and food are worth it.


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  1. Believe it or not, Charley's on Newbury Street does a good brunch and it's not that expensive. Another BBRG restaurant that has a good brunch is Abe & Louie's on Boylston. Both places I believe offer a choice out of 4 or 5 complimentary cocktails at brunch, one of them being a Bloody Mary. The Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons has a nice brunch and great Bloody Marys. Trident Cafe is very good (on Newbury), but they don't serve Bloody Marys as I recall. Excellent coffees, teas, and smoothie drinks can be had there though. I heard something about Casa Romero on Gloucester St. having a brunch, but I've never been myself so I wonder if other Chow Hound people can weigh in on them. In the S. End, I know Union does a good brunch. I've heard Beehive has a good brunch, but I've never gone. I have been to the Butcher Shop for brunch. It was good, but expensive for what you got, IMO. For a greasy spoon type of breakfast (definitely good eggs) there's Mike's City Diner. Bloody Marys are not on the menu though. :-(

    1. for a little bit higher-end for brunch i say mooo at the ix beacon (beacon hill).. the best kept secret in town. clearly not the most fun spot in town but without a doubt the best cooked eggs in town!

      1. Union Bar and Grille in South End has a great deal: from 10-11 a.m. on Sunday and from 10-3 Saturday they have an all-inclusive brunch for $9.95!!! It includes choice of 3 entrees (omelet, french toast, etc.) juice, coffee or tea and cinnamon coffee cake. They also have other options for reasonable prices. And bloody mary's too.