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Sep 6, 2008 06:55 AM

Soy Sauce with VERY low or no sodium ?

I'm trying to find a soy sauce that has as little salt content as I can possibly get. I want the taste but not the salt. I've used all of the "low sodium" brands but they still add significant saltiness. Problem is I need to use a salt cure before dehydrating so I'm already getting plenty of salt...but I still want the pure soy flavor in the marinade.

Any ideas ??

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  1. What is this 'pure soy flavor'? Can you identify it from other sources, or is it tightly linked with the saltiness of soy sauce? Unsalted edamame are closest thing I can think of.
    What are you making? jerky?

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    1. re: paulj

      Yes, jerky...I know the saltiness is inseparable from soy sauce but there is a rich flavor that comes out even more in the low sodium soy and tamari products. It would be nice to isolate this soy essence since the cure provides just enough of the salt already. Its' tough to identify what the exact flavor is as once you remove the saltiness the rest of the soy taste is what I would call an "umami". It's definitely different from edemame and more like a miso. Which now that I think it may be interesting to add to the cure.

      1. re: pondrat

        In this case I'm tempted to equate 'umami' with natural MSG

        1. re: paulj

          I never thought of it that way but you're probably exactly right, paulj.

    2. All natural "BRAGG LIQUID AMINOS" all purpose seasoning

      Ingredients:vegetable protien from soybeans and purified water

      We love this stuff, it is brown liquid, I use it as salas dressing, season my steamed veggies with it, use as a marinade, you name it.

      It is gluten free, wheat free, not fermented, no preservatives, no alcohol.

      It says on bottle it has a small amount of natural occuring sodium, and that you can water it down if need be. It lists on the nutritional facts that it has 6% on a 2,000 calorie chart.

      It is delicious!

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      1. re: JalamaMama

        Yep, Bragg's is good stuff...still has sodium though...according to my bottle, 1/2 teaspoon of Bragg's has 150 mgs sodium as opposed to say, Kikkoman Less Sodium 1 Tablespoon has 575 mgs. You really only need a small amount anyway, but Bragg's does have very good soy flavor.

        1. re: Val

          For substituting, is Bragg's strong enough to use less than a given amount of Soy Sauce? Otherwise, based on sodium, for an equal amount Bragg's could be higher (6 X 150 = 900 mgs/Tb) compared to the 575 mgs....

          1. re: meatn3

            Yes, I see your math..and I've done the math, too...the Bragg product, to me, is strong enough so that you can use less. Buy a small bottle and see for yourself (we all have different palates, after all) son was on a strict low-sodium diet recently and we really loved the Bragg Amino Liquids, which I found out about right on this board, thanks to my dear Chowhounds...someone always seems to know of a "healthier" alternative for just about everything. Meatn3, here's a link to the Bragg website, which offers free samples...hmmm...I just went out and bought the stuff at local health food store because he needed it and I was trying to prepare tasty and healthy foods within the doctor's parameters...but, do try the free samples!

            1. re: Val

              Thank you. I've been aware of it for many years - vegetarians use it for flavor and also to aid in nutrition. It's just a product I have never gotten around to tasting on it's own to assess the flavor! Most of the natural foods stores in my area have it out as a condiment in the cafes - I'll have to pour out a drop or so next time and finally taste it plain. I've had it in dishes, but there wasn't a distinct flavor to identify it.

              Glad it is working for your son! I have a family member who wants to try a few of my dishes which use Soy Sauce, and I was curious if this would be a good substitute!

          2. re: Val

            "1/2 teaspoon of Bragg's has 150 mgs sodium as opposed to say, Kikkoman Less Sodium 1 Tablespoon has 575 mgs."

            Are those numbers correct? If so, the Bragg's would have 900 mg sodium per tablespoon.

            1. re: bw2082

              The one line label has 110 mg/ 1/2 tsp, but that is still around 600 per 1T

              Protein is 290 mg/ 1/2 tsp, or 1.8g/ Tsp, about the same as soy sauce.

              The Braggs numbers do look rather similar to soy sauce.
              The FAQ says no added salt, but does not claim to be lower in sodium than all soy sauce.

          3. re: JalamaMama

            GREAT tip !! I'm really looking forward to trying it. Thanks..